【業界標準的動畫和創意合成應用程式】Adobe After Effects CC 2018 v15.0.0.180 x64 中文正式版

【業界標準的動畫和創意合成應用程式】Adobe After Effects CC 2018 v15.0.0.180 x64 中文正式版

有了業界標準的動畫和創意合成應用程式 After Effects CC,您就能讓任何創意想法動起來。


Adobe After Effects CC是Creative Cloud™的一部分。
Creative Cloud與Behance整合,您可以分享您的項目,並從世界各地的廣告素材獲得即時反饋。

流行的3D建模和動畫軟體CINEMA 4D中的對象和場景可以直接用作After Effects CC中的素材而不需要先編譯。這使得節目之間的往返運動變得容易,並且開創了許多創造性的可能性。




3D相機追蹤器使得可以在場景中再現原始相機搬移,因此您可以加入新的圖層 – 內含視訊和文字圖層。它現在還具有許多要求的音軌改善功能,所以您可以隨著時間改進追蹤點。


即使在高解析度的項目中,也能在更短的時間內創造更多。使用全局效能快取,即使您關閉了項目並在以後開啟項目,您的預覽也會儲存並準備就緒。複製構圖和復原編輯,而不等待After Effects趕上。

靈感不喜歡等待。這就是為什麼After Effects會使用多個處理器來處理像素,並且已經改進了對NVIDIA GPU的支援。這是一個完整的64位應用程式,它使用您的操作系統容許的所有RAM,用於快取並同時呈現多個幀。

After Effects CC(2018)新功能:

將虛擬現實效果新增到360 / VR視訊中,而不會在背面接縫線的兩極或偽影處產生不必要的扭曲。效果內含高斯模糊,彩色漸變,色差,去噪,數字毛刺,發光,分形噪聲和銳化。


VR Comp編輯器
使用檢視視窗而不是直接處理360 / VR素材,可以從視訊在耳機或智慧手機中播放時的相同視角進行編輯。


自動建立必要的合成和相機關係,為訊息圖表,動畫序列,摘要等建立360 / VR創作環境。

輕鬆切換編輯格式,並匯出為多種格式,內含:魚眼,立方地圖Facebook 3:2,立方地圖Pano 2VR 3:2,立方地圖GearVR 6:1,Equirectangular 16:9,立方地圖4 :3,球體貼圖和Equirectangular 2:1。




使用Cinema 4D Lite R19增強3D管道
使用Cinema 4D Lite R19進行3D效果。使用增強的OpenGL和更新的Cinema 4D Take System,支援Parallax Shader,Vertex Color和BodyPaint Open GL,並能夠匯入FBX2017和Alembic 1.6,獲得檢視改進。



通過項目設定加快速度,並通過一個新的直觀的開始螢幕跳轉到編輯,其中還內含輕鬆訪問CC Learn教學。



【業界標準的動畫和創意合成應用程式】Adobe After Effects CC 2018 v15.0.0.180 x64 中文正式版:

Adobe After Effects CC is part of Creative Cloud™. That means you have access to all the latest updates and future releases the moment they're available. Sharpen your skills and master new tools with a rich library of training videos. And Creative Cloud is integrated with Behance, so you can share your projects and get immediate feedback from creatives around the world.

Live 3D Pipeline
Objects and scenes from popular 3D modeling and animation software CINEMA 4D can be used directly as footage inside After Effects CC without rendering first. This eases roundtripping between the programs and opens up numerous creative possibilities.

Refine Edge tool
It's the end of hard matte lines. Keep the details when separating complicated foreground elements like frizzy hair or motion-blurred edges from complex backgrounds. This means you can create natural-looking composites without keying specially shot footage.

Warp Stabilizer VFX
A major upgrade to the much-loved Warp Stabilizer, VFX adds the ability to choose which objects within a scene get stabilized, reverse a stabilization, and preserve a scene’s original scale to fix tricky shots such as aerial fly-throughs.

3D Camera Tracker
The 3D Camera Tracker makes it possible to reproduce the original camera movement in a scene so you can add new layers — including video and text layers. It also now features much-requested Track Optimization, so you can refine tracking points over time.

Global Performance Cache
Create more in less time, even in high-resolution projects. With Global Performance Cache, your previews are saved and ready when you are, even if you close a project and open it later. Duplicate compositions and undo edits without waiting for After Effects to catch up.

Optimized and accelerated
Inspiration doesn't like to wait. That's why After Effects crunches pixels using multiple processors and has improved support for NVIDIA GPUs. It's a full 64-bit application that uses all the RAM your OS allows, for caches and to render multiple frames simultaneously.

After Effects CC (2018) New Features:
Data-driven animation
Animate motion graphics, such as charts and graphs, using imported data. With custom schemas, third-party partners can write data that can be used by others to generate motion graphics.

Immersive effects
Add virtual reality effects to your 360/VR videos without creating unwanted distortions at the poles or artifacts along the back seamline. Effects include Gaussian blur, color gradients, chromatic aberration, de-noise, digital glitch, glow, fractal noise, and sharpen.

Immersive Video Titling and Graphics
Instantly format graphics, text, images, or other video clips to look correct in a 360 video.

VR Comp Editor
Using a view window rather than working directly with 360/VR footage lets you edit from the same perspective you see when the video is played back in a headset or on a smartphone.

Extract Cubemap
Convert 360 footage into a 3D cube map format to easily do motion tracking, remove objects, add motion graphics and visual effects, and more.

Create VR Environment
Automate the creation of necessary compositions and camera relationships to create a 360/VR authoring environment for infographics, animated sequences, abstracts, and more.

VR Converter
Easily switch between editing formats and export to a variety of formats including: Fisheye, Cube-Map Facebook 3:2, Cube-Map Pano 2VR 3:2, Cube-Map GearVR 6:1, Equirectangular 16:9, Cube-Map 4:3, Sphere Map, and Equirectangular 2:1.

VR Rotate Sphere
Easily adjust and rotate your 360 footage to level horizon lines, align viewpoints, and more.

VR Sphere to Plane
See your footage in a perspective-based view similar to what it would look like with a headset even if you’re not wearing one.

Expression access to mask and shape points
Animate your graphics like never before. Link masks and shape points to other masks, shapes, or layers with expressions without animating frame by frame. Work with one or multiple points and control handles, and apply new data-driven features.

Enhanced 3D pipeline with Cinema 4D Lite R19
Work in 3D right inside After Effects with Cinema 4D Lite R19. Get viewport improvements with enhanced OpenGL and updated Cinema 4D Take System, support for Parallax Shader, Vertex Color, and BodyPaint Open GL, and the ability to import FBX2017 and Alembic 1.6.

Performance enhancements
Render layer transforms and motion blur on the GPU.

Keyboard shortcut mapping
Find and customize keyboard shortcuts quickly using a visual map.

Helpful start screen
Speed through project setup and jump into editing with a new, intuitive start screen that also includes easy access to CC Learn tutorials.

Auto-saves in Team Projects
Check when auto-saves of your edits were made. Easily revert to a previous auto-save or create a new team project from an auto-save.

New font menu
Get font previews and select your favorites with filtering and search options.

Motion Graphics templates in Adobe Stock
Sell your Motion Graphics templates on Adobe Stock, or share them with Premiere Pro users, who can use most templates without having After Effects installed.