【Mac_Soft】Parallels Desktop v12.0.1.41296 MacOSX 虛擬機(Mac上運行Windows)

Parallels Desktop讓在您的 Mac 上執行 Windows
在 Mac 上執行 Windows 最快捷、最簡單、功能最全面的方法,而且無需重新啟動!

Parallels Desktop是用於在Mac上運行Windows應用程式的行業領先軟體,現在為開發人員,設計師和進階使用者提供了一個新版Parallels Desktop軟體
Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition。
它還內含Parallels Desktop for Mac商務版,以前稱為企業版。


在您的 Mac 上執行上千種 Windows 程式
從 PC 轉移至 Mac 再簡單不過
重複使用現有的 Bootcamp 分割
提供 Parallels Toolbox—Mac 的重要工具

Parallels Desktop for Mac商業版
以前稱為Parallels Desktop for Mac企業版,Parallels Desktop for Mac商業版內含所有Pro版本的功能,為IT管理員提供最有效的方法,使他們的僱員與Mac運行Windows應用程式。
Business Edition基於Parallels Desktop屢獲殊榮的解決專案,增加了管理功能,使IT部門能夠控制和管理最終使用者虛擬機,以及通過新的Parallels許可證管理門戶管理和管理許可證。

Parallels Desktop for Mac商務版還支援業務雲服務,內含Box,Dropbox for Business和OneDriveRBusiness。

Parallels Desktop主要特點:
– Always on Cortana使客戶能夠在Mac應用程式中使用Microsoft的虛擬助手,即使Windows 10不是最前沿的應用程式
– 行駛模式通過暫時關閉選取的耗電電源,將電池壽命延長25%
– 快速尋找Windows延伸這酷Mac的方便Windows文件和檔案
– 新力觸摸手勢支援啟用快速檢視檔案的快速預覽或尋找不詳單詞的定義的能力
– 改進的Mac視窗控件內含一個新的相干模式按鈕
– 最近使用的檔案清單現在可以在Mac上檢視,而不管這些檔案存儲在哪裡:在Mac上,在虛擬機中,在雲中或在檔案伺服器
– 所有Mac印表機選項的新的容易列印支援節省時間與OS X使用者的直觀的解決專案
– 「新項目」支援在Windows應用程式中建立新檔案,內含MicrosoftOutlookR,ExcelR和Word
– 現在使用者可以輕鬆地取消耗時的虛擬機操作
– Mac位置服務現在可供Windows應用程式使用
– 虛擬機的捲設定與Mac的捲設定的自動同步
– 增強與智慧知會訊息的檔案關聯有助於變更OS X中的檔案關聯
– 改進設定和使用虛擬機以直接訪問BootCampRWindows分區,無需重新啟動
– 一次性從Parallels Desktop 9或10升級到Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac Pro Edition,每年49.99美元
– 改進的日語鍵盤特定於日語版本

簡單點擊螢幕快照,使用​​密碼保護私人檔案,從YouTube或Facebook輕鬆下載喜愛的視訊,輕鬆錄製螢幕錄像,或是通過按下按鈕使Mac保持睡眠狀態。現在,使用Parallels Desktop 12(內含Parallels Toolbox),您只需點擊一下即可完成所有這一切!

適用於Mac的Parallels Desktop 12已完全改善,可以用於macOS Sierra作為主機或客戶機操作系統。擁有新的視網膜顯示支援,享受智慧調整大小和獨立的螢幕解析度的獨立顯示。

無縫Office 365整合現在容許在Safari中的Word,Excel或PowerPoint文件在其本地Windows Office應用程式中開啟。


Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac效能改進內含:
– 快速建立快照高達90%
– VM的掛起速度提高了60%
– 高達25%的共享資料夾效能
– 將共享資料夾上的Visual Studio項目編譯速度提高了25%
– 高達10%的電池壽命改善
– 當您的Mac的可用記憶體不足時,享受提高的虛擬機響應能力


Parallels Desktop , the industry leading software for running Windows applications on a Mac, now includes a new version of the Parallels Desktopsoftware for developers, designers, and power users: Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition. It also includes Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition, previously known as the Enterprise Edition. Here’s how the new editions break down.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
Previously known as Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition, Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition includes all Pro Edition features, offering IT admins the most efficient means to enable their employees with Macs to run Windows applications.
The Business Edition builds upon Parallels Desktop’s award-winning solution by adding administrative features that enable IT departments to control and manage end user virtual machines as well as manage and administer licenses via the new Parallels License Management Portal. This exclusive feature provides IT administrators with vital information, such as license expirations, usage statistics, and real-time visibility into licensing activities, to easily manage all of their deployed licenses. Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition also supports business cloud services including Box, Dropbox for Business and OneDrive® Business.

Parallels Desktop Key Features:
– Always on Cortana enables customers to use Microsoft’s virtual assistant with Mac applications, even when Windows 10 is not the forefront application
– Travel Mode extends the battery life by up to 25 percent by temporarily shutting off select resources that drain power
– Quick Look for Windows extends this cool Mac convenience to Windows documents and files
– New Force Touch gesture support enables a quick preview of files with Quick Look or the ability to look up the definition of an unknown word
– Improved Mac Window Controls include a new Coherence mode button
– Most recently used files list now can be viewed on the Mac regardless of where those files are stored: on the Mac, in a virtual machine, in the cloud or on a file server
– New easy printing with all Mac printer options support saves time with an intuitive solution for OS X users
– “New Item” support for creation of new files in Windows apps including Microsoft Outlook®, Excel® and Word
– Now users can easily cancel time-consuming virtual machine actions
– Mac location services are now available to Windows applications
– Automatic synchronization of the volume setting of a virtual machine with that of the Mac
– Enhanced file associations with smart notification messaging helps change file association in OS X
– Improvements in the setup and use of a virtual machine to directly access a Boot Camp®Windows partition–without rebooting
– One-time opportunity to upgrade to Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac Pro Edition from Parallels Desktop 9 or 10 for $49.99 per year
– Improved Japanese keyboard–specific to the Japanese language edition only

What’s New in Version 12?
One-touch Tools
Imagine having a set of tools, with no complicated settings, to simplify everyday tasks.
Take a screenshot with a simple click, secure private files with a password, download a favorite video from YouTube or Facebook with little fuss, easily record a screencast, or keep your Mac from sleeping with the push of a button. Now, with Parallels Desktop 12 including Parallels Toolbox, you can do all of that and more, with one click!

10 Years of Innovation
Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac is fully optimized and ready for macOS Sierra—as a host or guest OS. With new retina display support, enjoy smart resizing and independent screen resolutions for separate displays.

Seamless Office 365 Integration now allows Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents in Safari to open in their native Windows Office app.

Distraction free presentation mode for both Mac and Windows, including Keep Mac Awake, Hide Desktop Files, Do Not Disturb, and Start in Full Screen quick modes.

Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac performance improvements include:
– Up to 90% faster Snapshot creation
– Up to 60% faster suspend of VMs
– Up to 25% faster Shared Folders performance
– Compile Visual Studio projects on shared folders up to 25% faster
– Up to 10% battery life improvement
– Enjoy improved VM responsiveness when your Mac is low on free memory