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建模模擬器 Dolphin Integration Smash v5.19.1

建模模擬器 Dolphin Integration Smash v5.19.1


此外,設計套件和鑄造模型參數集的廣泛支援,定期加強與新的和正在出現的SPICE器件模型實現(等級49,從BSIM 3 BSIM 4V6,EKV,ACM,MM9,VBIC,MEXTRAM,JUNCAP2,PSP …) 。

提供一個能力,因為它支援所有主要的硬體描述語系(HDL),無論是邏輯或模擬(SPICE,Verilog HDL語系,Verilog-A的,VHDL,VHDL-AMS,SystemC的,C,ABCD)在一個單一的內核模擬,SMASH是著名的最快和最準確的模擬器,VHDL-AMS模型。

建模模擬器 Dolphin Integration Smash v5.19.1





SMASH is the reference Analog and Mixed-Signal (AMS), Logic and Mixed-Signal (LMS) and All-in-One Simulator enabling truthfully the combination of digital, logic and analog multi-domain modeling with no need for a “cosimulation backplane”, as well as Instruction Set Simulation (ISS).

Moreover, the extensive support of design kits and foundry model parameter sets is regularly enhanced with new and emerging SPICE device model implementations (Level 49, from BSIM 3 to BSIM 4v6, EKV, ACM, MM9, VBIC, MEXTRAM, JUNCAP2, PSP…).

Providing All-in-One capabilities, as it supports all major hardware description languages (HDL), be they logic or analog (SPICE, Verilog HDL, Verilog-A, VHDL, VHDL-AMS, SystemC, C, ABCD) within a single kernel for simulation, SMASH is renowned as the fastest and most accurate simulator for VHDL-AMS models.
It offers unique and patented features to track design bugs, such as floating nets, and optimize your Design for Yield (DfY) with offset and dispersion analysis, as well as most relevant analyses (transient noise, jitter, phase noise, multiple operating point detection, …).

Grenoble, France, February 7, 2011

In the automotive development process, virtual prototyping through multi-domain simulation has become essential in order to perform advanced verification to reduce the risks when prototyping (bug detection, corner analysis, reliability, yield…) and consequently to reduce development cost and time-to-market.
Dolphin Integration are providing EDA solutions and libraries of engineering models to easily get over the challenge of modeling and simulating systems across the domains of electronics and mechanics, etc.

Dolphin’s simulator SMASH has supported for many years now the VDA Library, an open source library of VHDL-AMS models provided by the FAT-AK30 workgroup. This library targets the automotive industry’s need of easy communication and model exchange between car manufacturers and their suppliers. More than 290 models run directly in SMASH with no modifications! In order to increase the ease of use of these models in schematics, Dolphin provide symbols for graphic edition in the pending release of their schematic editor SLED which is bundled with SMASH as SLASH.

Dolphin also provide their own library of fundamental effects for gear and motor modeling called EMBLEM Drive. Designers can easily model multi-physics systems mixing electronics and mechanics in order to analyze the behavior of a complete sub-system in a single multi-domain simulation. Information is detailed on their presentation sheet.

SMASH is also renowned in the top tier of VHDL-AMS simulators on the market. It offers the best VHDL-AMS coverage, a really competitive runtime and advanced features such as algorithms and tolerances to ease modeling and debug.

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