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建立一個提醒視窗介面 TimeBell 9.0 知會訊息

建立一個提醒視窗介面 TimeBell 9.0 知會訊息


有您不會錯過TimeBell提醒它的重要事件。 TimeBell軟體的說明下,您的任何任務可以不用擔心它的效能。

建立一個提醒視窗介面 TimeBell 9.0 知會訊息

建立一個提醒視窗介面 TimeBell 9.0 知會訊息可以:
– 輸出一個與您的文字視窗的提醒(圖像可以被新增到它)
– 啟動選取的程式或一個檔案
– 關閉選取程式
– 開啟一個特殊的網站
– 切換液晶顯示器,關機,將進入睡眠模式或把它放在待機模式,改變PC使用者
– 變更桌面壁紙
– 到特殊的E-mail位址傳送信件
– 陪你的任務的音效


– 24小時(預設情況下)或12 – 小時AM / PM選取檢視(新)
– 選取一周開始的第一天,從週一(預設情況下)或星期日(新)
– 新的日曆在桌面上的外觀
– 從日曆中返回現用的的日期推「今天」按鈕(新)
– 選取桌面上的日曆是透明的可能性。

TimeBell is a application for creation of a reminder are in the one window interface.
TimeBell program is simple and convenient in use. Possesses a clearinterface intuitively.
The TimeBell can remind you about important events showing a notification message,by playing music, opening a document or file, or starting the program, shut down or restart PC you choice in nominated you time. Number of alarms is 30.

There is important event which your would not miss -TimeBell reminds about it. Having created any tasks with the help of TimeBell software your can not worry about its performance. TimeBell software of reminders with advanced capabilities, simple and pleasure interfaces and convenient desktop calendar.
At predefined time TimeBell can:
– to output a window of reminder with your text (image can be added to it)
– to start a selected program or a file
– to close a selected program
– to open an indicated website
– to switch of the monitor, shutdown, put it to sleep or put it to standby mode, change PC user
– to change the wallpaper of desktop
– to send a mail on indicated e-mail address
– to accompany your task by the sound
All this task can be executed once or several times (periodically: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
At starting TimeBell program is notified about missed tasks. Your can set the list with tasks on present day at starting program.
If TimeBell program is used on few computers there is a circuit for the transfer of TimeBelldata file between computers by external unit or through Internet.
Number of TimeBell tasks is unlimited. You can create TimeBell tasks remotely through Internet.

TimeBell will help you easily manage and customize your activities by setting up important objectives reminders.

Setting of the calendar on the desktop:
– The 24-hours (by default) or the 12- hours AM/PM view by choice (new)
– Choose the starting day of the week from Monday (by default) or Sunday (new)
– New calendar skins on the desktop
– Returning from calendar to current date push “Today” button (new)
– Possibilities of choosing the calendar to be transparent on the desktop.

建立一個提醒視窗介面 TimeBell 9.0 知會訊息 / Homepage:
ОС: Windows XP and Windows Vista/7

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