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(PDF建立轉換和編輯)Avanquest Expert PDF Professional 8.0.360.0




(PDF建立轉換和編輯)Avanquest Expert PDF Professional 8.0.360.0

(PDF建立轉換和編輯)Avanquest Expert PDF Professional 8.0.360.0

– 新OCR(光學字元識別)
– 從任何可列印的PC應用程式中建立的PDF檔案的Word,Excel,圖片,照片等。
– 建立多個PDF檔案在一個單一的操作
– 合併多個文件 – 結合到一個單一的PDF檔案,從各種應用程式(Word,Excel和PowerPoint等)
– 點擊PDF建立的MicrosoftROffice
– 建立100%的行業標準的PDF檔案
– 自動傳送到PDF檔案通過e-mail
– 文字編輯 – 剪下,複製,貼上和編輯文字
– 圖形編輯 – 加入圖片,形狀及票據到您的PDF
– 加入水印,頁眉和頁腳
– 插入,刪除,旋轉,裁剪PDF頁面
– 加入互動功能,如連結和書籤
– 文件管理 – 使用貝茨編號,時間,日期,版權或獨特的編碼,便於識別和檢索檔案的索引檔案
– PDF到Word轉換 – 點擊任何PDF檔案轉換成一個檔案,可以讀取和修改,以方便編輯在Microsoft Word
【文章標題】:(PDF建立轉換和編輯)Avanquest Expert PDF Professional 8.0.360.0
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Avanquest Expert PDF Professional 8.0.360.0

Expert PDF 8 is the complete, affordable PDF alternative to Adobe® Acrobat®; offering full compatibility with Microsoft® Office 2010, you can quickly and easily create, convert, edit and view 100% industry-standard PDF files.

New OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Turn your PDF files into easily searchable documents to make them even more time efficient. OCR makes it possible to search for text within scanned images/documents, making your PDF documents more time efficient to work with.

Key features:
– New OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
– Create PDF files from any printable PC application; Word, Excel, Pictures, Photos etc.
– Create several PDF files in one single operation
– Merge Multiple Documents – Combine files from various applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) into a single PDF
– One-Click PDF creation from Microsoft® Office
– Creates 100% industry-standard PDF files
– Send PDFs automatically by e-mail
– Text-Editing – Cut, copy, paste and edit text
– Graphic-Editing – Add images, shapes & notes to your PDFs
– Add watermarks, headers and footers
– Insert, delete, rotate and crop PDF pages
– Add interactive features such as links and bookmarks
– Document Management – Use Bates Numbering to index documents with time, date, copyrights or unique coding for easy identification and file retrieval
– PDF to Word Conversion – one-click conversion of any PDF file into a document that can be read and modified in Microsoft Word for easy editing

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