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虛擬3D包裝圖製作 BoxShot 3D 2.94 繁體中文化版

【文章標題】: 虛擬3D包裝圖製作 BoxShot 3D 2.94 繁體中文化版
【文章作者】: 軟體中文化網路補習班-總教頭
【內容分類】: 虛擬3D包裝圖製作
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  虛擬3D包裝圖製作 BoxShot 3D 2.94 繁體中文化版
  有啦!BoxShot 3D 原版是英文(不知道傻瓜看不看得懂英文?)
  BoxShot 3D 是一個簡單易用的虛擬包裝圖的製作工具。
  它可以實時提供包裝的旋轉、縮放和光照效果展示;可以指定背景彩色;包括9個預設範本;支援儲存為 JPEG 和 PNG。
  The Most Important Features Of Box Shot 3D
  Box Shot 3D uses professional technology packed into an easy user interface. It allows you to create
  amazing web and print graphics with just a few clicks! The important features of Box Shot 3D are:
  Raytracing allows creation of photorealistic images and shadows. Box Shot 3D calculates millions of light
  rays passing from the light source to the object. The result is a very realistic looking object. Raytracing
  is usually used for special effects in movies. Box Shot 3D allows you to use this technology for creating
  box shots!
  Realistic Shadows
  The use of raytracing leads to “realistic” shadows. Box Shot 3D calculates the amount of light for every
  pixel in your image. Box Shot 3D also calculates skylight (or atmospheric light) - light emitted by sky.
  This makes images look even more realistic.
  Box Shot 3D uses many tricks for fast and efficient antialiasing. You will never see rough or pixilated
  edges again. Everything will be smooth and very realistic.
  You can fully control the box reflection, transparency and depth on the floor and adjust them with sliders
  to see result in realtime.
  Transparent background
  If you want to use the rendered image in a complex project, you can easily output your image with
  transparent backgrounds (PNG format) for use in your favorite graphics editor. You may also select a solid
  background color as well.
  Different shapes
  Box Shot 3D contains many different shapes that can be used for rendering boxes, dvd- and cd-cases,
  screenshots, books with soft and hard covers or stacks of books. Select the shape you need, insert your
  images and press “Render”, it’s that easy!
  Quality control
  The quality of the rendered image can be adjusted. If you need a fast draft render for preview, set the
  “Quality” slider to the smallest value and rendering will finish faster. When you need full production
  quality, set this slider to a higher value for the desired output.
  Easy to use
  Yes. Box Shot 3D is a one of the simplest applications of its kind. It has easy “step-by-step” tabs that
  quickly guide you through the entire creation process.
  Why Box Shot 3D?
  How Much Is To Create Boxshot Or Ebook Cover?
  There are many virtual cover applications that cost less than Box Shot 3D. One may think 40€ is too
  expensive for this kind of software but we don’t think so. We analyzed the market by trying to find as
  many ways to create virtual covers as possible.
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