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安裝製作工具-Advanced Installer V6.8.0 中文化版

【文章標題】: 安裝製作工具-Advanced Installer V6.8.0 中文化版
【文章作者】: 軟體中文化網路補習班-總教頭
【內容分類】: 安裝製作工具
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【作業系統】: Win9X/WinME/WinNT/Win2000Pro/WinXP
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  安裝製作工具-Advanced Installer V6.8.0 繁體中文化版

  安裝製作工具-Advanced Installer V6.8.0是一個功能強大、可建立符合 MS Windows 認證的 Windows Installer 的 MSI 安裝包製作工具。


  Advanced Installer 是一款功能強大、可建立符合 MS Windows 認證的 Windows Installer 的 MSI 安裝包製作工具,具
  有友好的圖形會員介面,直觀而且非常簡單的介面,建立 MSI 檔案包非常方便,會員只需增加檔案,修改名稱,增加按鈕
  就可以了,無需任何腳本方面的知識,並且建立的安裝檔案保證符合 Windows 最佳動作建議。
  The Advanced Installer Graphical User Interface
  The Advanced Installer main window is organized into five sections: The Main Menu, toolbar, page menu, page
  display and log pane. Each page may in turn be organized in multiple tabs and/or dialog boxes. Most of the
  dialog boxes can be resized by dragging their bottom-right corner.
   There is always a main toolbar available, allowing quick access to most commands provided by the menu
  system. For example: New, Open and Save Project, Build and Run. Some of the pages of the creation process
  insert their own toolbars, to easily add files to the install, create shortcuts, etc. For a detailed
  explanation of each item on the main toolbar see Working with Projects.
  Page Menu
   The page menu contains grouped lists of conceptually related pages. These groups are: Project Settings,
  Project Definition, Project Details, Project User Interface. From general to detailed, clicking on these
  items will display, to the right, the various configuration options for your installer. The bold item is
  the currently selected one. You can hide the page menu by clicking on the top-right corner close button. To
  show it again, go to the "View > Left Pane > Show" menu.
  Page Display
  The center stage for creating your installer is this large area on the right. It is the main work area -
  all project data is displayed here.
  Log Pane
  This panel will contain the log resulted from running the project with the full logging capabilities of
  Windows Installer enabled. It is hidden by default and it is shown only if a project is run via the
  "Project > Run and Log" menu. You can hide it again by clicking on the top-right corner close button. To
  show it back, use the "View > Log Pane" menu item.
  The Main Menu
  A description of Advanced Installer's main menu and of the actions attached to each item.
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