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混音視訊融合 MixMeister Fusion and Video 7.4.2 是一款完美無缺的混音以及視訊融合軟體

混音視訊融合 MixMeister Fusion and Video 7.4.2 是一款完美無缺的混音以及視訊融合軟體

MixMeister Fusion and Video 是一款完美無缺的混音以及視訊融合軟體,適合電台或舞廳的DJ和VJ使用。
只需要幾個簡單的點擊,你可以匯入音訊(MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC) 和視訊(MPG (MPEG-1), MPEG (MPEG-2), VOB (MPEG-2), WMV, JPG)檔案,建立一個播放清單,產生各種混響和視覺效果。

MixMeister Fusion可以讓工作室DJ把整個音樂按軌道錄到軟體裡,最多8條音軌,你可以為8條音軌同時做處理,一起做loop,一起加效果。

MixMeister Fusion還有獨特的現場模式,可以讓現場DJ直接在軟體裡選取輸出通道,做實時混音,最後可以直接匯出MP3或刻CD。

MixMeister Fusion主要特性:


MixMeister Fusion and Video 7.4.2

MixMeister Fusion + Video is the ultimate audio and video mixing system for live DJ performances. Built on top of our groundbreaking MixMeister Fusion software, this add-on module lets you mix full-motion, beat-matched videos right alongside your audio mix. Place music videos in your playlist just like audio files, and Fusion will let you beat mix them, loop them and manipulate them on the fly. Play hands-on or hands-off. Fusion + Video lets you control exact video sequences and transitions, or you can use the montage builder to automatically create video mixes in perfect sync with the beat. This feature is perfect for displaying lots of short ambient or psychadelic clips in sync with a song.


- Native Mac OSX version is universal binary for PowerPC or Intel processors
- Improved time stretching accurately matches beats with fast or slow tempos
- Enhanced timeline display provides clear division of measures
- Effect automation via MIDI controllers – External hardware can now manipulate effect parameters
- Support for stored EQ settings in transition templates for advanced users
- Fade and Cue Next feature fades and pauses your mix then starts at the next track – prefect for voice over announcements
- New master volume control for preview output – headphone and main out can be controlled independently
- Play a live set while you preview any moment in your upstream mix
- Manipulate your mix in real time with a wide range of MIDI hardware controllers
- See your music take shape with an advanced timeline view
- VST audio effects (included) to process part of a track or your entire mix
- Mix up to 8 songs simultaneously with perfect sync
- Play with on–the–fly looping and remixing functions
- Change the tempo of a song without changing key
- Burn a flawless copy of your set to CD

Highlights for video

(all the features in MixMeister Fusion, plus...)
- Display your video show on a primary or secondary display.
- Control type & timing of video transitions (cuts, wipes, fades, dissolves, etc.).
- Use live, on-the-fly looping controls, or cut, copy and paste video.
- Display promotional text on the fly.
- Display photos
- Trigger clips in real time with the overlay bar

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