燒錄軟體-Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements-10.0.9 多國語系(繁體)版

燒錄軟體-Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements-10.0.9 多國語系(繁體)版

如果只要單純的燒錄功能,網路上有許多好用免費軟體,例如ImgBurn 與CD Burner XP等。
今天我們要再介紹一款多功能免費燒錄軟體燒錄軟體-Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements-10.0.9 多國語系(繁體)版。

您是不是受夠了複雜?臃腫的燒錄軟體?您是否想快速燒錄 CD?您是否不希望再花
費大量時間操作您的燒錄軟體?那麼,Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements  就是

Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements  能完成您需要的一切燒錄工作,燒錄影片、
音樂和數據 -快速且高效。軟體有著直覺式的使用者界面,針對燒錄軟體的核心功
能,簡潔得提供了燒錄工程相關的各種功能 -可能很方便的製作數據光碟,燒錄備
份,抓取音樂,製作音效 CD 或燒錄現有電影文件到藍光光碟等等。
使用 Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements,您還可以製作高清(HD)和全高清(Full
HD)的光碟(720p 和 1080p),當然您需要準備好保存有相應高清文件的文件夾。使
用此軟體還可以高效輕鬆的抓取音效 CD 音軌。利用內建的音效播放器,可以直接
播放音效文件和 CD,不需要再打開其它的音效播放器來聆聽音樂。
新的視訊或光碟往往有著相應的封面。Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements  也能
讓 Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements 用其強大的功能,直覺式的操作和簡潔的
界面來說話。 快速輕鬆的燒錄 CD、DVD 和藍光光碟!
- 燒錄數據到 CD、DVD 或藍光光碟
- 更新上次已燒錄的光碟
- 備份重要數據到一張或多張 CD、DVD 或藍光光碟
- 從 CD 抓取音效並保存為不同的格式
- 燒錄音樂為音效 CD,MP3 或 WMA 合集
- 從已存在的文件燒錄高清和全高清視訊的藍光光碟
- 複製 CD、DVD 或藍光光碟
- 製作並燒錄光碟映像
- 擦除可擦寫光碟
- 製作已存在光碟的修改後的複本
- 設計並列印封面、標籤和小冊子

燒錄軟體-Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements-10.0.9 多國語系(繁體)版的操作介面相當直覺,就算燒錄新手應該也可快速找到需要的功能。
開始使用ABS 2010前,必須先到官方網站填寫Email以取得註冊序號,不過別擔心,取得序號的過程很簡單。


Step 1. 選取功能表上的「Settings」→ 「Languages」。
Step 2. 接著勾選「繁體中文」,重新啟動程式就可以了。

2010的操作視窗很直覺,在主視窗就可以看到全部的功能。除了燒錄資料BD/DVD/CD外,也支援光碟影像檔製作與燒錄、光碟複製、資料備份與還原、抹除CD-RW與DVD-RW、光碟及標籤設計與製作等功能。另外ABS 2010也支援將MP3、OGG、WMA、WAV、FLAC等檔案格式直接燒錄成音樂CD,以及將CD音軌擷取為MP3、WMA與WAV格式。
2010也支援燒錄影片光碟,只是在燒錄DVD電影方面只支援已經編輯好的VOB、IFO和BUP檔案,不支援直接將影片轉檔燒錄成DVD。ABS 2010支援將MPG、DAT、VOB燒成SVCD及VCD。不過現在還有人燒VCD或SVCD嗎?


Ashampoo Burning Studio - new version of the program for recording CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD RW and Blu-ray discs last line of the package. The utility allows you to create projects and record CD / DVD (including MP3-CD, VCD, S-VCD, and Blu-ray).

The program supports long filenames (127 characters for DVD and Blu-ray and 64 for CD), automatic configuration settings, saving and loading of the project, the creation of images, a simple file management with DragandDrop and much more. Works in conjunction with most recording devices. It has never been so easy to convert your files to DVD discs that can be played on any DVD-player.

From the very first issue of Ashampoo Burning Studio has changed the idea of the usual software for recording. Instead of wasting time on a detailed study of hundreds of complex properties, you need only select a task, for example - "Burn Files", "Duplicate Files" or "Save Movie", and then the program will help you do what is necessary. You just select the desired format, files, and burn the disc. It's easy, but easy does not mean that you are less functionality: advanced recording features available for advanced users who wish to choose a specific system files, or use special boot area.

In addition to the simplicity and power, Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 different improvements in core functions such as video on DVD, create modified copies and bootable discs. All the features that users waited for the previous versions, to improve the program as possible. It has never been so easy to convert your files to DVD discs that can be played on any DVD-player. Simply select the files you want to put on a disk, select the navigation menu format and start burning. All the usual video formats are supported (WMV, AVI, MPEG, ASF, etc.), the program will convert them automatically.

Building a menu DVD - a complex and difficult job. In Ashampoo Burning Studio 9, you choose the menu style (possibly animated or static, preview), but the program does all the work, automatically create menus and navigation elements. You can also burn standard DVD files (folder VIDEO_TS, containing files. VOB,. IFO and. BUP), for example, to backup existing DVD or burn DVD files created by different authors programs.


- Record video directly from any video files;
- Add additional files, copying discs, make modified copies of bootable discs;
- Convert MP3 files as easy as WMA and WAV;
- Choose the file size, restore individual files;
- Create bootable discs from boot area, choose the settings file system;
- Create audio CDs from files of format MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA and Ogg Vorbis;
- A multi-file backup and restore them to CD / DVD / Blu-ray with compression and password protection;
- Rapid destruction and recycling of multimedia;
- Save the disk image size larger than 2 GB, on file systems FAT32;
- An interactive assistant troubleshooting and solving problems with hardware and carriers;
- Save project files for later dubbing;
- Built-in support for multi-session recordings with the ability to record more than 1700 sessions;
- Now you can use for your video discs Apple QuickTime;
- Create stunning images of your DVD-slideshows with animated graphical menus.

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