【jQuery廣告幻燈片輪播】Amazing Slider 4.5 多國語言版

【jQuery廣告幻燈片輪播】Amazing Slider 4.5 多國語言版能簡單的應用程式建立jQuery幻燈片。

【jQuery廣告幻燈片輪播】Amazing Slider 4.5 多國語言版
【jQuery廣告幻燈片輪播】Amazing Slider 4.5 多國語言版

Amazing Slider 以下是「驚人的捲軸」的一些主要特點:

A simple application for creating jQuery slideshows. Amazing Slider is a utility that allows users to design beautiful slideshows that can be easily exported to WordPress, Dreamweaver and other HTML editors. User are provided with multiple transition effects, professional templates and customizable skins that help them create unique slides. Moreover, Amazing Slider supports both pictures and YouTube videos. Therefore, users can also create high quality video galleries.

Here are some key features of “Amazing Slider”:
• Create jQuery slideshows
• Editable transition effects
• Supports YouTube videos
• Generated projects are automatically resized and adjusted to the screen size or browser

【jQuery廣告幻燈片輪播】Amazing Slider 4.5 多國語言版 | Homepage: www.amazingslider.com

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