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【3D 服裝設計】CLO 5.1–更快,更智能的3D視覺服裝設計


CLO是由韓國的CLO Virtual Fashion開發的專門為服裝行業設計的功能齊全,靈活的可視3D服裝設計軟體。





【3D 服裝設計】CLO 5.1–更快,更智能的3D視覺服裝設計 下載網址:


Nowadays, many traditional industries (such as fashion design & production) increasingly depend on powerful and professional design software to complete production tasks better and efficiently. For the fashion industry in the past, the steps including patterning, material selecting, tailoring, sewing and more needed to be repeatedly modified and were very time-consuming in the process of designing clothes. However, we can rely on software like CLO now.

CLO is a fully-functional, flexible visual 3D clothing design software specially made for the clothing industry, developed by CLO Virtual Fashion from Korea. It provides cutting-edge simulation technology for the fashion and apparel industries, completely simulates the physical properties of fabrics through complex algorithms, so as to show exactly how they would look in real life. In addition, CLO also supports real-time viewing of the realistic simulation effect of modified clothing (including board, color, texture, details, etc.) in 2D and 3D perspectives, and provides a variety of display options for users to choose freely.

Designers can use CLO to quickly design underwear, swimsuit, hat, handbag and anything else made from fabric on a custom virtual model, no matter how complicated its shape and details are. On the other hand, CLO can not only reduce unnecessary production and transportation costs of actual samples, reduce the preparation time required for design, reduce the production time of traditional technology to reduce costs, but also greatly improve the efficiency of clothing design and production. Even, with help of CLO, designers are able to create a 3D model of a beautiful suit in just 10 minutes now.