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【網頁設計編輯器】Blumentals WeBuilder 2020 智慧和強大的多合一代碼編輯器



它像一個簡單的文字編輯器一樣工作,但是提供了許多有用的功能,例如HTML和CSS精靈以及即時代碼段。 WeBuilder實際上可以說明您學習Web編碼並減少錯誤。 WeBuilder結合了簡單代碼編輯器的速度和全尺寸IDE的強大功能,使您可以更快地工作。

Blumentals WeBuilder 2020 的功能:

以下是安裝Blumentals WeBuilder 2020 後可以體驗的一些令人驚奇的功能,請記住功能可能有所不同,並且完全取決於您的系統是否支援它們。


【網頁設計編輯器】Blumentals WeBuilder 2020 網址:

Blumentals WeBuilder 2020 Overview

WeBuilder is a fast, intelligent and powerful all-in-one code editor for web developers. Clean interface, quick startup, superb flexibility and powerful features make creating and managing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP, SSI and Perl code an easier task, while integrated tools let you validate, format, reuse, navigate and deploy your code quickly and efficiently.

WeBuilder is very easy to learn and use. It works like a simple text editor, but offers a lot of helpful features such as HTML and CSS wizards and instant code-snippets. WeBuilder actually helps you learn web coding and make less mistakes. WeBuilder combines speed of a simple code editor and power of a full-size IDE allowing you to work much faster.

Features of Blumentals WeBuilder 2020

Below are some amazing features you can experience after installation of Blumentals WeBuilder 2020 please keep in mind features may vary and totally depends if your system support them.

A very handy application which will allow you to play the Android games on your PC.
Got all the functions of the original operating system which also include quick-navigation options.
Provides a complete Android environment.
Provides quick navigation system along with lower options bar as well as intuitive side-panels and quick browsing functions.
Got ability to rotate the display, replicating mobile phone exactly.
Got a Shake function which can be used for simulating vibrations triggered when receiving a call like one-button camera snapshot.
Can easily run the Android applications and the users can either browse for local APKs.
Can employ the built-in browser in order to install them from various different stores.