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(音效啟動錄音軟體)Snooper 1.39.9








MP3技術:採用緊湊的MPEG層3音訊格式檔案的大小將小於4 MB用於記錄一個小時!內含位元率,採樣率,聲道,立體聲等提供各種設定

– 電話錄音。
– 語音筆記。
– 無人值守電台等錄製
– 掃瞄器記錄。趕上乙稀有活動的渠道。



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Snooper 1.39.9

Snooper is a professional sound activated audio recording software package with many options and features.

b>Secret recordings: Recording automatically starts when sound is detected from the microphone input and stops when there is silence. Stealth mode will hide the program from taskbar and tray. System wide user definable hot keys can be set to control the program.

Smart recording system: Will start the recording before the actual sound trigger occur.

Dictation mode: All recordings are collected in a single mp3-file. Locate recordings by time stamps in the recorded file.

E-mail handling: After the recording is done the audio file can automatically be sent by e-mail to designated address. The maximum file size option will split a recording in to smaller chunks when sending e-mail. So if you can receive e-mail you can listen to what is sounded in your Snooper equipped PC, wherever you are in the world!. You can also create voice mail with the integrated voice mail function.

Scheduler: Several recording can be setup to start and stop in different mode and at specific time and date.

MP3 technology: Using compact MPEG layer 3 audio format the file size will be less than 4 MB for one hour of recording! Various settings available including bit rate, sample rate, mono, stereo, etc.

Suggested applications:
– Telephone recordings.
– Voice notes.
– Unattended recordings of radios etc.
– Scanner recordings. Catch channels that rarly have activity.

System requirements:
Sound card, microphone and Internet connection for voice mail.

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