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DVD 視訊複製 WinX DVD Copy Pro

DVD 視訊複製 WinX DVD Copy Pro

DVD複製到DVD光碟的安全存儲,複製DVD到ISO映像中,以便於以後燒錄,播放或翻錄,複製DVD MPEG2檔案的完整內容為進一步在媒體中心,DVD庫的建立和DVD播放PS3,HTPC的使用。

如果沒有與任何第三方DVD Decrypter的包裝的需要,winx的DVD複製Pro擁有無限制的訪問所有區功能變數代碼和複製保護系統。


DVD 視訊複製 WinX DVD Copy Pro特點:
- 不斷更新以支援最新的DVD防拷保護。請您的朋友和家人車載或家用DVD播放器上的電影大片主演。
- 先進的壞扇區恢復引擎 - 恢復損壞的扇區備份在最大程度嚴重劃傷,臟,磨損和未成年人破解DVD的。
- 完全支援索尼ARccOS壞扇區,刻意造成損壞的扇區,DVD和崩潰普通的DVD複製成影像檔軟體。
- ,迪斯尼是假的檢查器可說明您備份最新的DVD的99個標題,這通常會導致普通DVD複印機行不通的,或產生超過40GB無用的檔案。
- 智慧DVD訊息閱讀器 - 自動檢驗插入的DVD的訊息網上,並將其顯示在醒目位置,以方便您的輸出的DVD重新命名,收集和送出。

- 複製DVD到DVD - ,複製D9 D9和D5 D5,保持1:1的比例。完整的DVD視訊/音訊資料複製到空白DVD + /-R,DVD + /-RW,DVD + /-R DL。
- 複製成影像檔DVD ISO映像 - 1:1對映DVD ISO映像。
- 備份DVD到VIDEO_TS資料夾 - 準備在電腦上播放。
- 複製到單MPEG2檔案 - 保持原有的視訊軌道和高保真5.1聲道AC3/DTS杜比音效。
- DVD章備份 - 只在一定範圍內複製的章節,它是專為情節的電視連續劇的DVD和音樂視訊DVD。
- 提取視訊/音訊/字幕的DVD電影為特定用途。

- 平均CPU成本不到1%,這將不降檔,電腦,當您在工作或娛樂。
- 初學者友好的介面使DVD複製容易1-2-3一般。
- 超快的DVD複製成影像檔的速度,充分利用多核心CPU,逐個扇區的複製和其他邊緣切割技術。
- 靈活的設定可以讓你完全控制和自訂輸出個性化的DVD光碟。

WinX DVD Copy Pro is specially designed to meet users' up-to-date DVD backup demand; clone DVD to DVD disc for safe storage; copy DVD to ISO image for later burning, playing or ripping; copy DVD to MPEG2 file with intact content for further usage in media center, DVD library establishment and DVD playback in PS3, HTPC.

Without the need of packing with any third party DVD decrypter, WinX DVD Copy Pro has unlimited access to all region codes and copy protection systems. It faultlessly supports Disney’s Fake, severely scratched DVDs and Sony ARccOS bad sector, while these three obstacles beat off most of DVD copy software in the current market. In a word, in his summer movie season, WinX DVD Copy Pro is your must-have DVD video application!

WinX DVD Copy Pro Key Features

Advanced DVD Copy Engine:
- Constantly update to support the latest DVD copy protections. Make blockbuster movies starring your friends and family on vehicle-mounted or domestic DVD players.
- Advanced Bad sector Recover Engine - recover corrupted sectors in greatest degree while backing up badly scratched, dirty, worn and minor cracked DVDs.
- Completely support Sony ARccOS bad sectors, which deliberately creates corrupted sectors on the DVD and crashes ordinary DVD cloning software.
- Disney's Fake Checker helps you backup latest DVDs with 99 titles, which usually result in ordinary DVD Copier unworkable or generate more then 40GB useless file.
- Smart DVD Info Reader - auto checks inserted DVD info online and shows them on noticeable place so as to facilitate your output DVDs' renaming, collecting and filing.

lenty of DVD Backup Schemes:
- Clone DVD to DVD - copy D9 to D9 or D5 to D5, keep 1:1 ratio. Intact DVD Video/Audio data are cloned to blank DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL.
- Clone DVD to ISO image - 1:1 mirroring DVD to ISO image.
- Backup DVD to VIDEO_TS folder - ready to playback on computer.
- Copy to Single MPEG2 File - keep original video tracks and high-fidelity 5.1-channel AC3/DTS Dolby audio.
- DVD Chapter Backup - copy only a certain range of chapters and it is especially designed for Episodic TV series DVDs and Music video DVDs.
- Extract Video / Audio / Subtitle from DVD movie for particular use.

More Features:
- Average CPU cost less than 1%, which will not downshift your computer when you are working or entertaining.
- Beginner-friendly interface makes a DVD copy as easy as 1-2-3 routine.
- Blazingly fast DVD cloning speed, take full advantages of Multi-core CPU, sector-by-sector copy and other edge-cutting technologies.
- Flexible settings allows you to fully control and customize output personalized DVD discs.

DVD 視訊複製 WinX DVD Copy Pro  Homepage: www.winxdvd.com

ОS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

DVD 視訊複製 WinX DVD Copy Pro  Size: 15.64 MB

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