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視訊捕捉.截圖 Ashampoo Snap 6.0.3

視訊捕捉.截圖 Ashampoo Snap 6.0.3

Ashampoo Snap 6.0.3 提供一切你需要取得訊息,應用註釋和效果來說明你的觀點,並公佈結果。
當然,你是不是僅限於主螢幕了,因為的Ashampoo Snap 4支援多顯示器環境。


無論是工作,學校或在你的閒置時間 - 建立截圖和視訊,在任何時候,填寫你的同事,同學或朋友,以飽滿的熱情為驚人的結果。


視訊捕捉.截圖 Ashampoo Snap 6.0.3 特點:
‧使用的Ashampoo Snap 3編輯器開啟和編輯圖像和視訊


Ashampoo Snap 6 provides everything you need to capture information, apply annotations and effects to illustrate your point and publish the results.

The new video mode
Use the video mode to create videos and demos tailored to your needs. Capture film sequences or computer games (in a window) and save them as high-quality video files. You can also produce demos like video tutorials for software or presentations of websites. Videos and demos can be saved in different formats using various codecs. New fantastic features, like cursor and zoom effects, are available during video capture. Furthermore a recording can be paused and resumed anytime, in order to, for example, switch between applications or prepare the screen content. Of course, you are not limited to the main screen anymore, because Ashampoo Snap 4 also supports multi-monitor environments.

Even more editing tools for your screenshots
Create perfect-looking screenshots of your entire screen content or specially selected parts. After making a screenshot, an intuitive editor opens automatically and provides you with extensive editing tools, with which you can make your shots even more individual and original. Enhance your screenshots with, for example informative hints, arrows, texts, graphics, shapes, stamps and lots more, in order to convey facts or other topics in your shots easier and more illustrative.

Whether for work, for school or in your spare time - create screenshots and videos in no time and fill your colleagues, classmates or friends with enthusiasm for your amazing results.

• Video capture for movies
• Video capture for applications
• Choose video capture area, add your own voice
• Use Ashampoo Snap 3 as an editor to open and edit other images and videos
• Accurate scrolling capture printing
• Automatic filenames
• New editing tool for filling areas with color
• Capture freestyle shapes
• Unique mouse tools
• User assistance wizards
• Multilanguage interface

New features:
• All new video capture technique with new effects/options
• New cursor and zoom effects for video capture
• Support of more codecs/containers for video encoding
• Support of multi-monitor environments
• Pause the video recording
• Improved highlighting tool (more than one area)
• Objects, for example arrows, texts, shapes etc., are now editable
• High-quality objects (anti-aliasing etc.)
• Support of the Ashampoo Photo Commander format for import and export
• Stamps and graphics that can be added to screenshots
• Import/export of the whole application configurations in one INI file
• Send several screenshots as a single PDF file by e-mail

視訊捕捉.截圖 Ashampoo Snap 6.0.3 | Home Page: www.ashampoo.com

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