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改善數位照片Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro

改善數位照片Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro

Photomizer Pro是一個可靠的解決專案,專為改善數位照片。
 Photomizer 1設定得很高 - 新Photomizer專業躍過許多內定提高到一個新的水平,提出了著名的高效功能的前身感謝,並完成與眾多的過濾器和其他主要和次要的變化。


Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro特點:
- 除了新的過濾器,能夠配置檔,改進的使用者介面和非常特殊的復古功能,Photomizer Pro提供了以下改進:
- 新!消噪:Photomizer Pro可以消除噪音,例如在不利的光線條件下拍攝的快照。
- 新!神器過濾器:該過濾器消除了,這期間發生的阻塞和JPEG壓縮圖像的文物。
- 新!加入的噪音/粒:並不總是需要的去噪方法。相反,一些攝影球迷甚至還可以加入自己的照片噪音。 Photomizer Pro可以做到這一點你現在,不管的噪音或糧食,甚至是分形的噪音程度。
- 新!支援的底片:除了常見的格式,JPG,BMP,TIFF和RAW(*。原料,*。CRW,*。ORF,* .3 FR,*。NEF,*。英國皇家空軍,*。MRW,*。NRW *。DNG,CR2,*。ARW,*。X3F,*。RW2)Photomizer Pro現在還支援輸入格式的底片。
- 批次轉換:全自動批處理模式操作的完整的照片集。新:如果有要求,所有原來的路徑儲存在儲存過程中。
- 追蹤修訂版自動校正和色彩調整:改進的自動校正更徹底改善您的照片,並最適列高彩色的強度,現在可以適應。
- 追蹤修訂版的基本功能:全功能的前身進行了追蹤修訂專業為Photomizer,其中自動目的識別(圖像部分只有那些被操縱,這有助於改善整體印象),全自動的算法調整色調,白平衡,再銳化,色調控制和飽和度,更高的清晰度和明亮的暗校正。同樣提高了成熟的觸摸功能(增加清晰度和色彩強度,補償墊子的彩色,去除負霧等天氣的影響,以及消除不想要的彩色轉換)。
- 支援的輸出格式:節省存儲空間的JPG Web應用程式,搬移裝置和螢幕上進行播放,以及BMP的高清晰度的永久儲存。
- 非破壞性圖像編輯:原照片的所有步驟保持不變
- 手動改善:個人的單張照片的編輯 - 在全螢幕幕模式下的附加選項。
EXIF / GEO:從數位相機拍攝的照片的EXIF和地理資料的讀取和顯示。
- 眼見為實 - 尤其是在攝影。測試Photomizer臨用自己的照片,並讓自己感到驚訝。
- 作為附加功能,Photomizer的Pro提供了一個HDR-模擬器和比例最佳化部:
- 驚人的類似HDR-HDR-模擬器的圖像 - 即使只用一個形象!創造的高動態範圍圖像,你通常需要三個特殊相機建立的圖像,三種不同的曝光。 Photomizer Pro只需要一到產生效果,而另外兩名內定自動計算。
- 縮放改善裝置確保最有效地顯示您的圖片上定義的介質。例如如果你有一個數位相框,你的照片會自動​​調整顯示 - 黑邊,而不會干擾!也適合電視電影解析度2560×1080像素的球員!
- 捕捉攝像頭或其他可能的外部攝影機的圖像。

Photomizer Pro is a reliable solution designed for optimizing digital photos. Powerful and easy-to-use! Photomizer 1 sets the bar high - the new Photomizer Pro jumps over it, raises the known efficient functionality of the predecessor thanks to many internal improvements to a new level and completes it with numerous filters and additional minor and major changes.

Further highlights
- In addition to the new filters, the capable profiles, the improved user interface and the very special retro function, Photomizer Pro provides the following improvements:
- New! Denoise: Photomizer Pro can remove noise, for example in snap shots that were taken under unfavorable light conditions.
- New! Artifact filters: This filter eliminates artifacts, which occur during de-blocking and JPEG-compression of images.
- New! Adding of noise/grain: Denoising is not always desired. In contrast, some fans of photography even add noise to their photos. Photomizer Pro can do this for you now, no matter which degree of noise or grain or even fractal noise.
- New! Support of negatives: In addition to the common formats JPG, BMP, TIFF and RAW (*.raw, *.crw, *.orf, *.3fr, *.nef, *.raf, *.mrw, *.nrw, *.dng, *.cr2, *.arw, *.x3f, *.rw2) Photomizer Pro now also supports negatives as input format.
- Batch conversion: Fully automatic batch mode for manipulation of complete photo collections. New: If requested, all original paths are kept during storage.
- Revised auto correction and color adjustment: The improved auto correction optimizes your photos even more thoroughly and the intensity of automatic color adjustment can now be adapted.
- Revised basic functions: The entire known features of the predecessor were revised for Photomizer Pro, among them automatic object recognition (only those image parts are manipulated, which help optimize the overall impression), fully automatic algorithms for readjustment of tonality, white balance, re-sharpening, hue control and saturation, higher definition and bright-dark correction. Likewise improved were the proven touching-up functions (increase in definition and color intensity, compensation of mat colors, removal of fog and other negative weather influences as well as the elimination of undesired color casts).
- Supported output formats: memory-saving JPG for web applications, mobile devices and for playback on screens as well as BMP for permanent archiving in high definition.
- Non destructive image editing: The original photo remains unchanged in all steps
- Manual optimization: Additional options for individual editing of single photos - also in full-screen mode.
EXIF/GEO: Reading and display of EXIF- and GEO-data from digital camera photos.
- Seeing is believing - particularly in photography. Test Photomizer Pro with your own photos and let yourself be surprised.
- As additional functions, Photomizer Pro provides an HDR-simulator and a scaling optimization unit:
- Create amazingly HDR-similar images with the HDR-Simulator - even when using just one image! For creation of a High Dynamic Range image you normally require three images with three different exposures like those created by special cameras. Photomizer Pro only needs one to generate this effect while the other two are automatically calculated internally.
- The scaling optimization unit ensures that your pictures are most efficiently displayed on a defined medium. If for instance you have a digital picture frame, your pictures are automatically adjusted to the display - without disturbing black bars! Also suitable for TV-players with cinema resolution 2560 x 1080 pixels!
- Capturing of images from webcams or other external cameras possible.

改善數位照片Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro | Size: 35.45 MB

ОС | OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32- and 64-Bit)

改善數位照片Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro| Home Page: www.engelmann.com

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