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全自動改善的掃瞄,幻燈片和底片 ngelmann Media Photomizer Scan

全自動改善的掃瞄,幻燈片和底片 ngelmann Media Photomizer Scan

憑藉我們的專業Photomizer SCAN軟體,您可以輕鬆地編輯您的掃瞄照片,掃瞄的幻燈片,甚至掃瞄的底片。
享受更加豐富多彩的圖像,通過觸摸平板的彩色!刪除錯誤,並在PC上的灰塵 - 完全自動!

的改善的結果被顯示在實時。只需儲存所有的改變 - 準備好了。你有沒有數字化幻燈片,底片,APS膠卷,原始掃瞄或中等格式的圖片,你想使你的照片嗎?


全自動改善的掃瞄,幻燈片和底片 ngelmann Media Photomizer Scan 亮點:

- 全自動改善的掃瞄,幻燈片和底片
- 自動物體識別
- 重新調整音調
- 重新銳化和對照度改善
- 色彩精修照片通過重新亞光彩色銳化!
- 全自動改善的色調和飽和度,白平衡,亮/暗校正校正
- 去除不想要的彩色轉換,霧等。

With our professional Photomizer SCAN software you easily edit your scanned photos,
scanned slides and even your scanned negatives. Enjoy more colorful images by touching up flat colors!
Remove errors and dust at the PC - fully automatically!

The easy-to-operate software impresses with a clear user interface.
You see the original picture, preview and work surface directly on the monitor.
The results of the optimization are displayed in real time. Simply save all changes - ready. Have you digitalized your slides,
negatives, APS-films, raw scans or medium format pictures and do you now want to make more of your pictures?
If you have a slide scanner and are not satisfied with the scanned results, Photomizer Scan is your perfect solution.

Photomizer Scan Highlights
- Fully automatic optimization of scans, slides and negatives
- Automatic object recognition
- Re-adjustment of tonality
- Re-sharpening and contrast optimization
- Color-intensive photos through re-sharpening of matt colors!
- Fully automatic: optimization of hue control and saturation, correction of white balance, bright/dark correction
- Removal of undesired color casts, fog etc.

全自動改善的掃瞄,幻燈片和底片 ngelmann Media Photomizer Scan | Size: 18.18 MB

ОС | OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

全自動改善的掃瞄,幻燈片和底片 ngelmann Media Photomizer Scan  | Home Page: www.engelmann.com

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