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電腦圖形軟體程式 OpenCanvas v5.5.07

電腦圖形軟體程式 OpenCanvas v5.5.07

openCanvas5 將擴大您的創意輕鬆高效。


電腦圖形軟體程式 OpenCanvas v5.5.07 特點:
‧讀/ PNG,JPG或BMP格式儲存在

openCanvas 5 is a computer graphics software program that enhances the drawing and painting experience. It has extensive features great for the experienced artist, and is simple enough for artist at any level to use. You can not only draw the image but also learn and exchange the ideas by openCanvas's event playback feature and its user community. openCanvas will expand your creativity easily and efficiently.

• Event *Note1
• Gradient
• Tone
• Read/Save in PNG, JPG or BMP format
• Read/Save in PSD (Photoshop) format
• Group for Layers
• Merge Visible (Transparent)
• Import Images of Pen Nib
• Edit Collection of Brush, Pen Nib, Palette and Gradient
• View Anti-Alias
• Optimize mass data
• Color Sampler with more colors
• Specify maximum size of Navigator
• Brush Tip
• Drug/Double-Click of icon of tool palette

電腦圖形軟體程式 OpenCanvas v5.5.07: www.portalgraphics.net

電腦圖形軟體程式 OpenCanvas v5.5.07 : 3.18 MB

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