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創造完成行銷活動和廣告材料完美解決專案 MAGIX Page And Layout Designer 2013 v8.1.4.24911

創造完成行銷活動和廣告材料完美解決專案 MAGIX Page And Layout Designer 2013 v8.1.4.24911

給它一個嘗試 - 你會不會失望/的MAGIX頁和佈局設計提供可定制的,免版稅的模板:一個大的選取。


創造完成行銷活動和廣告材料完美解決專案 MAGIX Page And Layout Designer 2013 v8.1.4.24911個性化模板,幾個簡單的步驟:


Present yourself professionally. MAGIX Page & Layout Designer is the perfect solution for creating successful marketing campaigns and advertising materials: Design and create a logo, business cards, letter paper, flyers and posters for your business in a few simple steps. Simply choose a template from the wide range on offer and customize it. Achieve impressive results quickly and easily. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed/ MAGIX Page & Layout Designer offers: A large selection of customizable, royalty-free templates. Templates for any purpose: Business cards, business presentations, advertising materials. Create newsletters, PDFs... Create a logo e.g. Company logos for cups or pens. for advertising materials. Direct links to Facebook and Flickr thanks to the MX function. Use a single program for all tasks and save yourself time and money.

Personalize templates in a few easy steps: 1. Select template: Select the right template for you. Find a template that caters specifically to your needs. All templates are royalty-free and can be used for commercial purposes. 2. Design: Drag & drop your company logo onto the template. Add your own text. Adjust the layout to find the best look in a few minutes. 3. Done: Print your documents on your printer or send files to a professional print shop. Online: Add your logo to your company's Facebook page with a click. MX = Media-X-change. Perfectly connected: Transfer your Page & Layout projects and media directly to other MAGIX programs such as Xara Web Designer MX and create a website to go with your business and marketing materials. All of the products in the new MX series enable data to be uploaded to social networks and cloud services, exchanged easily from one program to another and transferred to mobile devices.

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創造完成行銷活動和廣告材料完美解決專案 MAGIX Page And Layout Designer 2013 v8.1.4.24911 / Size: 146.29 Mb

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