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光碟燒錄工作室 Ashampoo Burning Studio

光碟燒錄工作室 Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo光碟燒錄工作室2012的使用者是不尋常的忠誠,有很好的理由 - 這個程式的速度,簡單性和效率僅僅是無與倫比的。
多年來,Ashampoo的程式員已經開啟的程式為一個完整的套件,它可以處理所有的資料,音訊和視訊燒錄及創作任務,而無需犧牲其著名的易用性。在版本10中,他們再次加入了豐富的新功能和模組,但該計劃仍然是令人驚訝的直觀的使用 - 你把它做的一切都解釋。
除了有一個新的自動播放編輯器模組的程式的集合,例如,你可以建立有吸引力的交談式選單的資料光碟自動啟動 - 。


Ashampoo光碟燒錄工作室12 特點:

Ashampoo光碟燒錄工作室12是一個完整的套件,提供了一個屋簷下的一切。光碟燒錄。 Ashampoo光碟燒錄工作室12結合到一個單一的使用者介面的CD燒錄機,DVD燒錄機,藍光燒錄機功能。


少就是多 - 更短的啟動時間,簡化的使用者介面

更多相容 - 越大越好
燒錄軟體更適合在一張光碟上的資料。 Ashampoo光碟燒錄工作室12的功能為的BDXL光碟(100和128 GB)的全力支援。


更加個性化 - 發揮你的創造力


Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 users are unusually loyal, with good reason – this program’s speed, simplicity and efficiency are simply unbeatable. Over the years the Ashampoo programmers have turned the program into a full suite that can handle all your data, audio and video burning and authoring tasks, without sacrificing its famous ease of use. In version 10 they have once again added a wealth of new features and modules, but the program is still amazingly intuitive to use – everything is explained as you do it. The main focus of this premium version is even better authoring capabilities for building video and audio discs using the latest formats. HD and Full HD video (720p and 1080p) are now fully supported for Blu-ray discs, and all the encoding is handled by Ashampoo Burning Studio. All the authoring tools have been overhauled and the video encoding quality is even better than before. You now use the same new integrated editor for building DVD and Blu-ray video disks with menus. The program also starts more quickly and is generally snappier to use. In addition to this there is a new Autoplay Editor module with which you can build auto-starting data discs with attractive interactive menus – for example for collections of programs. And there is now also a new Audio Player with which you can play audio files and audio CDs without leaving the program.

Why Ashampoo Burning Studio 12?
Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 is ...

… easy to use!
Experience burning software with a clearly structured user-interface with self-explanatory controls. You don’t need to be an engineer to operate Ashampoo Burning Studio 12.

… fully-integrated!
Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 is a complete suite that provides everything under one roof. Take disc burning. Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 combines CD burner, DVD burner, Blu-ray burner features into a single user-interface.

… tailored to your needs!
Intuition meets technology. After 12 years of development and constant user-feedback, Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 is a burning application that simply works the way you would expect.

New in Ashampoo Burning Studio 12
Less is more - Shorter startup times, streamlined user interface
Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 is a burning application that requires less time to start up and launches modules almost instantly. To further boost your productivity, the user interface has been restructured improving clarity and readability.

More compatible - Bigger is better
This burning software fits more data on a single disc. Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 features full support for BDXL discs (100 and 128 GB).

Need to burn large amounts of data? Use the new disc-spanning feature for virtually unlimited storage capacity and store data across any number of discs.

More customizable – Unleash your creativity
Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 takes professional disc authoring to the next level. Create your own themes and menu templates and add more individuality to your projects.
Other Enhancements

Video Authoring
Normalize audio tracks

Slideshow Editor
Organize themes into categories
Add empty slides either with single colors or gradients
Apply Ken-Burns effects
Insert credits

Audio CDs
Rip to FLAC and OGG
Burn from CUE sheets (MP3, FLAC, WAV)
Apply equalizer effects to individual tracks (e.g. Loudness)

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