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聯繫人管理器軟體 Chaos Software Time And Chaos

聯繫人管理器軟體 Chaos Software Time And Chaos


聯繫人管理器軟體 Chaos Software Time And Chaos為您提供了一個重要的優勢!




聯繫人管理器軟體 Chaos Software Time And Chaos特點:


Time and Chaos is the best CRM contact manager software for Windows users. The relationship history of any contact or client is easily tracked and Chaos 8 improves your time management capabilities with its appointment calendar and to do list tasks that show you exactly what needs to be done today. If you are on a network, Time & Chaos allows you to share your data with everyone on your network with no expensive server add-on required.

Time & Chaos gives you an important advantage!

Since 1992, Time & Chaos has provided great contact manager and time management features to people just like you! We invite you to download a fully-functional version to try with no missing or disabled features. Give us a chance and we'll prove to you that Time & Chaos is better than anything else out there!

In fact, the staff of CNET's Download.com recently reviewed Time & Chaos and their comments are a must-read if you are considering what Time & Chaos could do for you. [We must say it is one of our favorite reviews of the many we have received over the years!]

fixed a day planner printout bug that would cause the time line to start at midnight when there was a repeating day title.
fixed an issue that would turn off an appointment alarm when being moved to a new day when the lead time was 0 minutes.
improved the efficiency of the chaos host synchronization with implementation of zip files rather than bak files.
vCard addresses that are encoded as Quotable Printable should now import better
many more minor things that are hardly worthy of a bullet item

聯繫人管理器軟體 Chaos Software Time And Chaos / Homepage: http://www.chaossoftware.com/chaos.asp

聯繫人管理器軟體 Chaos Software Time And Chaos / Size: 5.6 MB

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