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控制照片細節 Topaz Detail 3.2.0(Adobe Photoshop 外掛程式)

看過控制照片細節 Topaz Detail 3.2.0(Adobe Photoshop 外掛程式)後你一定會驚覺:


Topaz Detail的獨特設計,讓您充分的創意控制細節增強各方面不會造成邊緣文物。
輕鬆加入層次感,達到令人難以置信的脆度,並在您的圖像與創新技術的Topaz Detail定義先前模糊的細節。
Topaz Detail內定細節的圖像分離成三個細節尺寸:小型,中型和大型的細節

Topaz實驗室已經與Topaz Detail的Photoshop外掛程式來解決這個問題。
Topaz Detail 特點:
‧快捷快速鍵。例如,使用空白鍵來顯示原來及經處理的圖像,+和之間切換 – 鍵拉近/拉遠預覽,和方向鍵來改變參數值。

Topaz Detail is uniquely designed to give you full creative control over all aspects of detail enhancement without creating edge artifacts.
Easily add a sense of depth, achieve unbelievable crispness, and define previously obscured details in your images with the innovative technology in Topaz Detail.
Topaz Detail internally separates the image into three detail sizes – small, medium, and large details – and offers exceptional control over the precise manipulation of each detail size. This offers limitless possibilities for photographers, who can accomplish anything from high quality image sharpening to creative detail manipulation with just a single plug-in.

One of the main problems with HDR-type post-processing is that you can easily end up with glowing haloes around your subject matter. Topaz Labs has come up with Topaz Detail Photoshop Plug-in to address this problem.
Detail is also perfect for enhancing or reducing image sharpness, and for converting your images to grayscale with full control over the tonal range.
Detail has many valuable tools to help you naturally enhance the most important and delicate details in your image. Some highlights are:
• Image quality improvement: Topaz has had another breakthrough in technology that allows an image to be analyzed and divided up into 3 layers (small, medium and large) for more specific image detailing.
• Unprecedented control over tone, contrast, highlight shadows and color detail in an image.
• Realtime interface and preset thumbnails that offer previews of each presets’ effect on the image are displayed in the Previews finder.
• Shortcut hotkeys. For example, use the spacebar to toggle between the original and the processed images, the + and – keys to zoom in/out of the preview, and the arrow keys to change parameter values.
• Snapshot buttons. You can temporarily save settings to one of the two snapshot buttons and recall it quickly. This is a good way to compare different settings.
• Other miscellaneous features. For example, you can import presets directly from the internet, randomize parameters, etc.
• Support Presets which provides one-click action for some common tasks.
• A new Preferences setting to allow users to disable the default multi-core CPU support. Please note: Detail will run slower when the multi-processor support is disabled, but it will avoid problems that are caused by potential conflicts with Intel multi-core processing support (for example, an image printing problem can be resolved by disabling multi-processor support).

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