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(圖像校正工具)Piccure 1.0.1 for Adobe Photoshop


不要擔心,piccure可以幫助你。作為一個易於使用的外掛程式,Adobe Photoshop和Photoshop Elements,piccure將讓您還原您的退化所產生不自主的攝影機陣動的照片。



‧RAW圖像支援:piccure現在能夠處理RAW圖像(進口通過Adobe Photoshop)
piccure變得更加穩定,現在還提供了一個外掛程式為Adobe Photoshop Elements(Lightroom)

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Piccure 1.0.1 for Adobe Photoshop

You don’t want to use flash when facing difficult lighting situations? You use camera lenses without a tripod? You are bothered by camera shake? Don’t worry, piccure can help you. As an easy-to-use plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, piccure will allow you to restore your degraded photos produced by involuntary camera movements.

By knowing how sharp pictures typically look like, piccure tries to guess how you moved the camera during exposure. Once that's done, piccure can do the math and remove the blur from your captured photo.
With a simple mouse-click it is now possible to remove camera shake from a single photo within a matter of seconds. Even better, you don’t need to worry about uploading your private images into the cloud: piccure runs locally on your machine. With piccure, your private images can remain what they should be: private.

Piccure works different from most other image correction tools: it does not try to make the image “visually appealing”, but instead aims at restoring your photo as it would have been captured without any camera shake during exposure.
Piccure is a great tool for photography enthusiasts who love the crispest details in their images (micro-shake reduction), the photographers who just want to rescue blurry shots, as well as the photo forensics who want to recover information from heavily blurred images.

• RAW image support: piccure is now able to process RAW images (import via Adobe® Photoshop®)
piccure became more stable and is now also offered as a plugin for Adobe® Photoshop Elements® (Lightroom® is on the way…)
• you can now adjust piccure to your needs: store your default settings (to be executed upon launch), switch off automatic image correction upon launch, only have a preview rendered once you have set all the parameters the way you wanted them (we disabled the “automatic update” feature — it really annoyed you, we had to learn…)
• better results through “spots of interest”: piccure will do its best to correct the image with special attention to the area of the image that matters most to you
additional “Camera shake intensity” settings for better finetuning have been included
• full layer support + “opacity” bug fixed: if you worked with additional layers, the resulting image did have an “opaque” appearance. Now this is not an issue anymore.
• get the latest updates without a hastle thanks to piccure’s update functionality: This means constant improvement in a hassle free environment

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