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(照片拼貼)Photo Collage Max



– 選取一個範本,幾十個例子,或是只是用一個空白頁,以使項目啟動拼貼。
– 將您喜愛的照片拖放到這個頁面。美化他們的相框,面具,剪貼畫和背景如你所願。
– 調整或重新任何層,以任何你想要在這個項目中,使之成為完美和獨特的佈局。

– 廣泛的生日,婚禮,節日等特殊日子,生活中的範本都聚集英吋
– 照片牆應用,以顯示您的獨特的外觀或正式使用,如建設聯繫表。
– 創造​​珍貴的賀卡範本也容易進行定制處理。
– 日曆範本,以及提供協助你做出獨特的日曆。

– 應用或變更內建的圖案或自己的圖片拼貼項目背景。
為您的照片 – 陰影,或裝飾用大量可愛的框架和口罩。
– 大陣的剪貼畫圖像符合任何場合給您的拼貼更特別。
– 您還可以新增到您的照片拼貼形狀。

– 改變你的拼貼的大小或方向不同的用途,如電子信件或列印。
– 裁剪,旋轉,搬移或拉近您的照片。
– 改變彩色,形狀,混濁的陰影。
– 拖曳層到任何地方,你想要的拼貼項目。
– 加入文字,你可以選取文字的字型,字型大小,彩色,圖形,背景彩色等上。

– 儲存為圖片拼貼這些格式之一,JPG,PNG,TIF,GIF,BMP。
– 設定你的壁紙為您的電腦完成的拼貼工作。
– 借助列印預覽設定,直接列印拼貼完美。
– 通過電子信件傳送給家人和朋友的拼貼,分享他們在Facebook,MySpace或部落格。

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Photo Collage Max + Rus

Comes with a wide range of templates, backgrounds, frames, etc., Photo Collage Max offers an easy way to design marvelous photo collages, cards, scrapbooks, calendars for birthday, wedding, anniversary, holidays and any other special moment in life.

Arrange your photos to be a collage easily and creatively
– Select a template from dozens of examples or just use a blank page to start your collage making project.
– Drag or drop your favorite photos into this page. Embellish them with frames, masks, cliparts and backgrounds as you wish.
– Resize or reposition any layer to anywhere you want in this project, to make it to be the perfect and unique layout.

Finely designed templates for all kinds of occasions
– A wide range of templates for birthday, wedding, holidays and other special days in life are all gathered in.
– Apply Photo Wall to display your unique looks or for formal use such as building Contact Sheet.
– Templates for creating precious greeting cards are also available and easy to handle for customization.
– Calendar templates are provided as well to assist you to make unique calendars.

Built-in backgrounds, frames, cliparts make your collages the most unique ones
– Apply or change background of a collage project with built-in patterns or your own pictures.
– Drop shadow for your photo, or decorate it with plenty of lovely frames and masks.
– A large array of clipart images which match any occasion are given to make your collages more special.
– You can also add a shape into your photo collage.

Easily manage collages, photos, layers, shadows, size or position, personalize your works
– Change the size or orientation of your collages for different purposes, such as email or print.
– Crop, rotate, move or zoom your photos.
– Change the color, shape, opacity of the shadow.
– Drag a layer to anywhere you want in a collage project.
– Add text and you can choose text font, font size, color, graphics, background color and so on.

Save your collage, print it or share it with family and friends
– Save your collage as a picture in one of these formats, .jpg, .png, .tif, .gif, .bmp.
– Set your finished collage work as the wallpaper for your computer.
– With the help of Print Preview settings, directly print your collage in perfection.
– Email your collages to family and friends, share them on Facebook, MySpace or blog.

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