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(電子信件行銷軟體)Sarbacane 3

其介面內含的新Inovative功能,年復一年,為了給它的使用者最完整和最高效的電子通信工具的市場, 我們選取為您提供解決專案的軟體適用於Windows的形式,可以從你的利潤電腦的資源和能力,和你不依賴於通過網際網路瀏覽器設定的限制。
即使2.0網站已經做介面更容易的線上解決專案,這些專案將永遠相等的彈性,直觀的過程和PC的Windows應用程式的威力, 建立Sarbacane的介面到是很直觀的,所以使用者可以集中他們的圖形和行銷雙方電子郵寄活動和不需要找到軟體是如何工作的, 準備一封信件活動Sarbacane將只需要幾分鐘,你的行銷或銷售團隊。

Sarbacane 3容許您選取,填充和資格收件人檔案和乾淨的資料以傳送信件到你的資料庫。

授權所有類型的格式:文字,CSV,Excel中,SQL / MySQL的資料庫… Outlook和Windows通訊錄。提供標準格式的資料的CRM工具,這使得Sarbacane相容。


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Sarbacane, the leading e-mail marketing software

Born in 2001, Sarbacane is one of the first e-mailing softwares. Since it was launched, it helps several thousands of french and european companies to carry out their e-mailing projects. Its interface includes new inovative features year after year, in order to give to its users the most complete and efficient e-mailing tool of the market.

We chose to offer you a solution in the form of a software for Windows allows to profit from your computer's resources and capacity, and you don't depend on the limits set by Internet browsers. Even if 2.0 web has made interfaces easier for online solutions, these programs will never equal the flexibility, the intuitive process and the power of PC Windows applications.
Sarbacane's interface was created to be very intuitive so users can focus on graphic and marketing sides of their e-mailing campaigns and don't need to find how the software works.

Prepare an e-mailing campaign with Sarbacane will only take a few minutes to your marketing or sales team. Enough talking: let's discover Sarbacane by reading this website or downloading the free demo version!

Download Sarbacane 3

Download for free the trial version of the Sarbacane software.
These ables to create your message, manage your recipients and send
your firsts tests and campaigns in few minutes and very easily.

Required configuration:

Import, management and cleaning of files

Sarbacane 3 allows you to select, populate and qualify your recipients files, and clean data in order to send your message to your database.

Import of all kinds of files
All types of formats are authorized: text, csv, Excel, SQL/MySQL database… and also Outlook and Windows address books. This makes Sarbacane compatible with all the CRM tools which provide data in standard formats.

Management of contacts
Create and organize directories thanks to the contacts manager which is included in the software. A card mode and sorting functions make the individualized follow-up of the recipients easy, campaign after campaign. Sarbacane also includes other features: advanced search tool, possibility to work out the titles of the contacts from their first names…

Cleaning of the data
Delete double or wrong addresses, filter the contacts who belong to blacklistss or include domains you want to exclude from your sendings.

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