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(MP3播放工具)Adrosoft AD MP3 Cutter 2.1.1


Adrosoft AD MP3 Cutter是拆分MP3檔案的簡單和方便的工具。它擁有先進的功能,視覺分割。一個檔案是由它與拉近和拉遠效應波形圖像來表示。您可以精確設定的切割線對所需的檔案點,播放和切割線的位置由一個滑鼠點擊輕易改變。該程式可以通過等份,等時間或靜默自動分割檔案。該專案具有非常直觀和友好的使用者介面。輸出檔案的輸入檔案的原始音質。您可以播放所有檔案或僅選取部分,變化快的播放位置,音量和播放速度。內建定時器和訊息視窗會說明你的程式協同工作。它讓你建立或編輯ID3標籤帶MP3檔案的每一個選取的部分內建的編輯器。您可以設定標題,藝術家名稱,專輯和其他屬性的輸出檔案。


‧易於使用 – 剪下MP3音樂在點擊幾件。
‧ 40 +支援格式 – MP3播放機支援40多個流行的音訊和視訊格式。
‧音訊轉換器 – 轉換MP3等格式之間的音訊檔案。
‧音訊提取 – 提取音樂從視訊檔案為MP3格式。
‧鈴聲製作 – 製作鈴聲從任何音訊或視訊檔案。



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Adrosoft AD MP3 Cutter 2.1.1

AD MP3 Cutter is a simple and handy tool for splitting MP3 files. It has advanced features for visual splitting. A file is represented by its waveform image with zoom in and out effects. You can precisely set cut line on desired file point, play and easily change of a cut line position by one mouse click. The program can automatically split a file by equal parts, equal time or by silence. The program has very intuitive and user-friendly Interface. Output files have the original sound quality of input file. You can play all file or only a selected part, change quickly playback position, volume level and playback rate. The built-in timer and the info window will help you to work with the program. AD MP3 Cutter allows you to create or edit ID3 TAGs for each selected part of MP3 file with a built-in editor. You can set title, artist name, album and other attributes for an output file.

Key features:
• Easy to Use – Cut MP3 music to pieces in few clicks.
• 40+ Formats Supported – MP3 Cutter supports more than 40 popular audio & video formats.
• Audio Converter – Convert audio files between MP3 and other formats.
• Audio Extractor – Extract music from video files to MP3 format.
• Ringtone Maker – Make ringtones from any audio or video files.

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