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SwordSearcher聖經軟體是一個程式,可以讓你學習聖經的細節。它有一個直觀的介面,易於學習和使用,為虔誠的和深入的研究。除了使聖經搜尋快速,簡單, SwordSearcher內含主題和詩精靈功能設計,可以訪問大量庫材料而且非常的簡單,只要輸入一個詩句引用或主題。您可以指定任何引用詩句或段落學習, SwordSearcher會立即告訴你每一本書,評論,專題,或字典的資源引用詩句或段落。
SwordSearcher的聖經顯示屏呈現在連結到參考材料,每一節的側柱狀格式的聖經經文。在瀏覽聖經經文,能夠激發渴望進修的詩句可以深入的研究,只需點擊幾下,往往能完全徹底消除了需要的文字搜尋。在SwordSearcher所有文字都緊密整合,使資源和詩句之間的導航是無縫的。 SwordSearcher的圖書館內含超過70圖書館資源,內含評論,專題指南,百科全書,字典和其他書籍,以及數以百計的地圖,圖表和插圖。


·一個新的凝聚力與更簡單,更優雅的圖示「看」 ,同時保持相同的易用性和流動。
· 更多…等等!

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SwordSearcher Bible Software is a program that allows you to study the Bible in detail. It has an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and use, for both devotional and in-depth study. In addition to making Bible searches fast and simple, SwordSearcher includes a Topic and Verse Guide function designed to make accessing a vast amount of library material as simple as typing in a verse reference or subject. You can specify any verse reference or passage to study, and SwordSearcher will instantly show you every book, commentary, topical, or dictionary resource that references the verse or passage. SwordSearcher’s Bible display presents Bible text in a columnar format with links to reference material to the side of each verse. While browsing Bible text, any verse that inspires desire for further study can be deeply researched with just a few clicks, often completely removing the need for text searching altogether. All text in SwordSearcher is tightly integrated so that navigating between resources and verses is seamless. SwordSearcher’s library includes over 70 library resources, including commentaries, topical guides, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other books; and hundreds of maps, charts, and illustrations.
Here are some key features of “SwordSearcher”:
· Improve your Bible study efficiency.
· Bible search instantly. Finding Bible verses couldn’t be easier.
· The Verse Guide quickly locates all reference material for a verse or passage. Finding Bible topics couldn’t be easier.
· Easily share Bible verses in email or other documents.
· Millions of pages of Bible reference material are just clicks away.
New feature highlights:
· New, more powerful Go to Verse and Search Toolbar is more versatile, providing automatic search suggestions as you type, fast access to verse-based tools and topic lookup, and more. Be sure to watch the video to see how helpful this is.
· The new Bible Word Clouds Generator is one of the most interesting discovery tools you’ll ever use.
· New Module Set System lets you create groups of library items that you care about, which can be used to filter library searches, or switch between different collections of visible library tabs or Bible margin links.
· Improvements to the Verse Guide Panel and the Topic Guide make these tools even faster to use than before.
· Bible book abbreviations can be customized.
· A new cohesive “look” with simpler, more elegant icons, while retaining the same usability and flow that made SwordSearcher what it is.
· …and much more!
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