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(浮動工具應用程式)NeoBook 5.8.4 Professional


當你完成,你可以編譯你的傑作成一個完整的獨立的Windows應用程式(exe),螢幕保護程式(SCR)或Internet Explorer™外掛程式! NeoBook甚至可以建立一個自訂安裝程式為您的項目,完成壓縮和多磁碟功能

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NeoBook 5.8.4 Professional

NeoBook's easy-to-use, floating tool palette allows you to construct applications using simple drag-and-drop commands. It's easy to setup hotspots, command buttons, text entry fields, check boxes, lists and other interactive controls. Quickly create an interface that allows readers to turn pages, enter responses, pop up messages, play multimedia files, run other software, do math calculations, display Internet sites, and more.
NeoBook's spelling checker makes sure your publications are error free. And when you're finished, you can compile your masterpiece into a complete stand-alone Windows application (exe), screen saver (scr) or Internet Explorer™ plug-in, which you can distribute without royalties! NeoBook can even create a custom setup program for your project, complete with compression and multi-disk capabilities

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