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(快速打字軟體)Flashpaste 6.1 Multilingual


FlashPaste Speed Typing為節省時間打字一個強大而高效的解決專案。您可以使用該軟體的打字和使用文字模板的模式,極大地延伸了在Windows中提供的標準剪貼簿。你將不再必須不斷削減,並永遠不同的來源貼上多個文字。這不僅解決容許你但是節省時間;這也有助於避免手動輸入所有的東西,每次必然的印刷錯誤。休閒電腦使用者,剪貼簿可以是足夠的,但在許多情況下,簡單地缺乏所需要的節省時間和獲得可靠且迅速地完成工作的功能。

FlashPaste Speed Typing的文字或代碼常用部分的工作是有用的,在最短的時間內你可以建立和使用模板。一旦你已經配置您的偏好模板,你可以將它們組織成三類,你可以找到的文字或代碼,在你需要任何時間段。您最常使用的所有文字和代碼可以輸入到程式中的任何文字輸入部分,只需幾個滑鼠點擊。

FlashPaste Speed Typing是一個很容易的解決專案,使用和設定都很簡單。雖然它可能還需要一些時間來配置大量不同的模板,一旦這樣做,你將永遠不會需要再做一次。從這一點上來說,你將可以快速方便地訪問您經常使用的文字。




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Flashpaste 6.1 Multilingual

FlashPaste Speed Typing provides a powerful and highly effective solution for saving time with typing. You can use the software for typing and using text templates in a way that greatly extends the standard clipboard provided in Windows. No longer will you have to constantly cut and paste multiple texts from different sources. Not only does this solution allow you to save time however; it also helps to avoid inevitable misprints from manually typing everything out each time. For casual computer users, the clipboard may be enough, but in many cases, it simply lacks the features that are required for saving time and getting the job done reliably and quickly.

Speed Typing with Categorized Text Templates
FlashPaste Speed Typing is useful for working with frequently-used sections of text or code and you can create and use templates in minimal time. Once you have configured your preferred templates, you can organize them into categories so that you can find the segment of text or code which you need in no time. All texts and code which you use most frequently can be entered into any text input section of a program with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Who Can Benefit From Flashpaste?
Speed typing is ideal for anyone who regularly sends out emails, writes documents or programming code. It's no longer necessary to look around through old documents and emails to find the text which you want to re-use and then manually copy and paste it into the new document. It's an extremely useful tool for web developers, customer support representatives and anyone else who wants to take advantage of the powers afforded by speed typing. Customer support is a particularly suitable area for those who want to use speed typing techniques, since you will no longer need to manually type or copy and paste regularly used greetings, questions or other messages.
FlashPaste Speed Typing is an easily solution to use and setting it up is straightforward. While it may still take some time to configure large numbers of different templates, once it is done, you will never need to do it again. From that point on, you will have quick and easy access to any text which you regularly use.

Support for Macros
The speed typing software also provides support for macros and there are many different types of macros supported. These macros include the ability to automatically paste the current data and time into a template, without having to manually alter it once the text has been inserted. Many other macros are supported as well.

Clipboard History
FlashPaste greatly extends the very limited Windows clipboard feature, or indeed the more advanced clipboard features included in many productivity applications. A clipboard history feature is included too. While this feature is very simple, it is also extremely useful. This means that, every time you copy something manually, you will be able to paste it again with just a few clicks of the mouse. The clipboard history is saved instead of being overwritten every time you want to go back to previously typed work.

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