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(資料保護工具)Steganos Online Shield


新的Steganos Online Shield 365在網際網路上保護您廣泛而持續。它鎖定了黑客,保證了你在網上,當你購物,瀏覽或下載-365天一年保護。隨著它,我們建立了阻止對你的電腦繼續的攻擊,你的資料和你的網上身份攻擊的軟體。而所有這些都是可以通過只需點擊一下你的滑鼠。

– 保護自己免受公共熱點的窺探,例如同時在酒店,咖啡廳,機場或在辦公室之中。
– 保護你,而從你的電腦不斷地加密您的資料開始衝浪,網上購物時保護您的個人資料。
– 保護,這再簡單不過了。只要一點擊你的滑鼠連線。
– 保持安全 – 無論您是線上的無線或有線。
– 在危險發生了變化:一個病毒掃瞄程式是不是黑客和網路罪犯的障礙,不要變成信用卡詐騙的受害者,你的電子信件被黑客攻擊或直到陌生人可以看看你的賬戶 – 或是用你的費用購物。
– 不要等到危險發生,防範黑客最好的保護就是一年365天你的整個連線到網際網路的不斷加密。


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Steganos Online Shield

The new Steganos Online Shield 365 protects you extensively and continuously while being on the Internet. It locks hackers out reliably and secures you online when you shop, browse or download -356 days a year. With Steganos Online Shield 365 we created a software which prevents you continuously against attacks against your PC, your data and your online-identity. And all that is possible through just one click of your mouse.

Key Features:
– Protect yourself against snoops in public hotspots, for example while being in a hotel, a cafe, an airport or at the office.
– Protects you while surfing, shopping online and secures your personal data by continuously encrypting your data from your PC onwards.
– It couldn't be easier. Protect your connection with only one click of your mouse.
– Stay safe – Wether you're online wireless or by cable.
– The dangers have changed: A virus scanner is not an obstacle for hackers and cyber-criminals anymore. Don't wait until you're the victim of credit card fraud. Until your e-mail is hacked. Until strangers can look into your accounts – or go shopping at your expense.
– Don't wait until the milk is already spilled. The best protection against hackers is the continuous encryption of your whole connection to the internet – 365 days a year.

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