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(光碟標籤製作軟體)SureThing Disk Labeler Deluxe Gold


在SureThing.Com ,你會發現你可以完成需要的完美光碟標籤項目的一切。從獲獎的光碟標籤製作軟體,我們SuperVibrant光碟標籤,封面和光碟的包裝,這一切我們已經做到了。我們邀請您瀏覽我們的網站,發現新的想法,使所有的光碟標籤的項目完成!

所有CD的標籤 !

關於CD和DVD標籤,是SureThing的全方位專業 。使用它你可以用最大的樂趣來設計你的CD封面,光碟標籤,並插入的情況下,從所有在其易於使用和功能強大的標籤設計軟體適用於Windows 。無論你是剛剛起步或設計專業,你已經來對地方了,為您的所有光碟的項目開始建立優美的CD / DVD標籤和插入。

讓你的光碟在人群中脫穎而出,通過使用最佳的CD / DVD標籤和插入的情況下,我們使用設計了一個特殊的塗層專為噴墨印表機提供了最具活力的,照片質量亞游標簽可能。而當你準備好真的沒話說,選取我們的照片光面標籤。無論哪種模式,您的項目將永遠會更好看!




Windows 8 , Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
記憶體 1GB ,推薦2GB的Windows 7 , 8或Vista
* 800×600顯示器解析度,建議使用1024×768
* Windows相容的雷射或噴墨印表機


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SureThing Disk Labeler Deluxe Gold

At SureThing.Com, you’ll find everything you need to complete amazing disc labeling projects. From award winning CD label making software to our SuperVibrant CD labels, covers and disc packaging, we’ve got it all. We invite you to browse through our site and discover new ideas to make all your disc labeling projects a success!

Label All Your CDs!
When it comes to CD and DVD labeling, the world turns to SureThing. Disc Labeler makes it fun to design your cd covers, disc labels, and case inserts, all from within its easy to use and powerful label design software for Windows. Whether you’re just getting started or a design professional, you’ve come to the right place to begin creating beautiful CD/DVD labels and case inserts for all your disc projects.

Quality SuperVibrant Matte and Photo Glossy CD Labels
Make your discs stand out from the crowd by using the best CD/DVD labels and case inserts on the planet. We use a special coating designed specifically for inkjet printers to provide the most vibrant, photo-quality matte labels possible. And when you’re ready to really impress, choose our Photo Glossy labels. Either way, your projects will never look better!

One Stop Shopping at SureThing
You’ll find everything you need right here to complete your projects. We only choose reliable brands that bring you the best bang for your buck. Whether you need simple sleeves for your CDs or a full disc package with cases, discs, and inserts, we’ve got you covered.

System Requirements
* Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
* 1GB of memory, 2GB recommended for Windows 7, 8 or Vista
* 200MB of Available disk space
* 800×600 monitor resolution, 1024×768 recommended
* Windows compatible laser or inkjet printer
* Note: These are minimum requirements, more is always better!

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