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(標籤列印軟體)LabelJoy 5.3.0 Build 106 Multilingual


LabelJoy是旨在使您能夠建立和列印標籤,信封,徽章,條形碼etc.LabelJoy是第一標籤列印軟體,具有一個完整的所見即所得的使用者介面(你看到的就是你得到的) ,這意味著一個方便和可靠的應用電腦螢幕上會顯示紙和標籤元素,正是因為他們將被列印。然後用滑鼠將有可能進行必要的調整,並就如何的元素將被列印即時的視覺反饋。
LabelJoy可以列印文字,條形碼,圖像和其他圖形元素。它的優點是,它封裝了由Windows提供的新的圖形功能,與Windows XP,向後相容的介紹,可讓使用者建立複雜的褪色,透明度和​​旋轉效果。

這裡是「 LabelJoy 」的一些主要特點:
– 建立和列印標籤,條碼,信封,徽章,卡片,信件和需要是完全或部分複製和列印任何東西。
– 使用超級友好的所見即所得的介面。
– 連線到外部資料源來建立動態訊息的標籤,如文字,條碼,甚至圖像。資料可以從Access , Excel中時,SQL Server , Oracle,MySQL等, Lotus Notes,在Dbase , TXT,CSV , Windows通訊錄, Outlook中, Sendblaster , WK1 – 2 – 3進口。
– 建立和列印下列一維條碼: EAN13 , EAN8 , EAN128 , ITF14 ,UPC-A碼,39碼, 39碼延伸,交錯5 2 ,庫德巴。
– 建立和列印二維條碼資料矩陣。
– 列印在A4 , A5,A6標籤紙或任何自訂的紙張格式。
– 使用更多的則6,500標籤佈局,內定庫可以讓您找到正確的。
– 用在市場上最受歡迎的標籤格式。
– 建立複雜的褪色,透明度和旋轉效果。
– 家政頁面元素,計數器,標籤號,頁碼。
– 用厘米和英吋單元


【文章標題】:(標籤列印軟體)LabelJoy 5.3.0 Build 106 Multilingual
【文章作者】: 網路賺百萬教學密訓基地
【版權聲明】: (原創)網路賺百萬教學密訓基地,轉載必須保留完整標頭。刪除者依法追究!
LabelJoy 5.3.0 Build 106 Multilingual

LabelJoy is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to create and print labels, envelopes, badges, barcodes etc.LabelJoy is the first label printing software that features a full WYSIWYG user interface (What You See Is What You Get), which means that the computer screen will show paper and label elements exactly as they will be printed. Using the mouse will then be possible to make the necessary adjustments and have an immediate visual feedback on how the elements will be printed.
LabelJoy enables you to print Texts, Barcodes, Images and other graphic elements. One of its strong points is that it encapsulate the newer graphical functions offered by Windows, introduced with Windows XP but backward compatible, that enable the user to create complex fading, transparency and rotation effects.
LabelJoy can also connect to external data sources to create labels with dynamic information.

Here are some key features of "LabelJoy":
– Create and print labels, barcodes, envelopes, badges, cards, letters and anything else that needs to be fully or partially replicated and printed.
– Use the super friendly WYSIWYG interface.
– Connect to external data sources to create labels with dynamic information such as texts, barcodes and even images. Data can be imported from Access, Excel, Sql Server, Oracle, MySql, Lotus notes, Dbase, Txt, Csv, Windows address book, Outlook, Sendblaster, wk1-2-3.
– Create and print the following 1D barcodes: Ean13, Ean8, Ean128, ITF14, UPC-A, Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar.
– Create and print 2D Barcode Data Matrix.
– Print on A4, A5, A6 label sheets or any custom paper format.
– Use more then 6,500 label layouts, the internal library enables you to find the correct one.
– Use the most popular label formats on the market.
– Create complex fading, transparency and rotation effects.
– Menage page elements, counters, label numbers, page numbers.
– Use centimeters and inches unit

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