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(檔案恢復工具)LC Technology RescuePRO Deluxe Multilingual


LC Technology RescuePRO Deluxe是一個軟體應用程式,讓使用者恢復圖像,文件,音訊和視訊檔案,或其他類型被意外刪除的檔案,丟失,或格式化。它擁有一個乾淨,直觀的介面,讓你選取恢復方法的可能性:圖像,音訊或視訊檔案,或所有類型的項目。它提供了一步一步的說明,因此,即使是新手也可以用最少的努力而能夠掌握過程。



所有的事情考慮, 它提供了一個直觀的佈局和方便的參數,讓你恢復丟失的資料。由於其簡單的方法,這個工具是初學者和專業人士都適合的所以獲得一致的好評。

– 恢復圖像,文件,信件,視訊,音樂或任何東西
– 採用創新的媒體恢復算法, LC Technology RescuePRO Delux可恢復資料,內含MPEG音訊和視訊的預覽
– 使用者友好的圖形介面,可以很容易地恢復您的檔案,只需點擊幾下滑鼠
– 安全的介質擦拭包括永久資料刪除您的數字媒體
– 成像工具,它可以讓你在以後的時間建立你的媒體進行恢復的圖像



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LC Technology RescuePRO Deluxe Multilingual

RescuePRO Deluxe is a software application that helps users recover images, documents, audio and video files, or other type of files that were accidently deleted, lost, or formatted. It sports a clean and straightforward interface that gives you the possibility to select the recovery method: images, audio or video files, or all types of items. It offers step-by-step assistance, so even rookies can master the process with minimum effort.

The program doesn’t allow you to select the directories to be scanned, and in order to carry out the recovery process you need to upload IMG files that store raw disk images of floppy disks, hard drives, or optical discs. At the end of the scanning operation you can view a list with the recovered items, preview the selected files, and analyse their properties.

Other important options worth mentioning enable users to create backups which can be saved to IMG file format and erase data securely from the computer, so it cannot be recovered with dedicated tools. During our testing we have noticed that RescuePRO Deluxe carries out a task very quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so it doesn’t burden the overall performance of the computer.

All things considered, RescuePRO Deluxe offers an intuitive layout and handy parameters for helping you recover lost data. Thanks to its straightforward approach, this tool is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Key Features:
– Recovers images, documents, mail, video, music or just about anything
– Featuring innovative media recovery algorithms, RescuePRO displays previews of the recoverable data, Including MPEG audio and video
– The user-friendly graphic interface makes it easy to recover your files with just a few mouse clicks
– Secure media wiping is included for permanent deletion of data on your Digital Media
– Imaging utility that will allow you to create an image of your media for recovery at a later time

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