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(智慧填表和密碼管理器)Sticky Password Pro


創新的密碼保護功能將阻止一切企圖竊取您的密碼。它支援各種身份驗證方法(如藍牙或USB ) ,並從便攜式裝置,支援桌面版本的所有功能。

· USB便攜性


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Sticky Password Pro

Intelligent form filler and password manager that works with web forms and usual programs. Its exclusive user interface solutions allows to save time on accessing and managing passwords. Innovative password protecting feature will prevent all attempts to steal your passwords. It supports various authentication methods such as Bluetooth or USB and works from portable device with support of all features of desktop version.

Key Features:
· the database is encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithms in the industry
· creates strong passwords
· auto-fill of logins and passwords for websites and applications
· form-filling capability with Sticky Password "Identities"
· all data is stored in the encrypted database
· protection against phishing exploits and key loggers through tools like the new virtual keyboard
· support for multiple access authorization methods like Bluetooth and USB devices
· support for multiple logins and passwords for each account
· increased privacy protection, thanks to enhanced handling of passwords in encrypted format while in memory
· an easy first run wizard and great user interface
· easy import of passwords
· expanded support of websites and applications
· all Microsoft accounts on the protected computer have their own password database
· USB-portability
· Portable Sticky Password
· automatic backup of the encrypted password database, ensures that you can restore past passwords if you ever need to

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