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Pdf995 Printer Driver要建立一個PDF檔案:


請訪問我們的網站,看看我們的常見問題,我們的軟體許可證,或與我們聯繫。我們的常見問題解答中包括Citrix /終端伺服器和共享的網路印表機安裝PDF995的說明。

Pdf995 Printer Driver編輯PDF檔案,並配置PDF995:

pdfEdit995是一個免費工具,可用於下載pdf995.com/pdfedit.html的。隨著pdfEdit995,您可以自訂您的PDF995輸出提供一個易於使用的工具:關閉自動啟動,預覽和電子信件文件,插入書籤,加入連結,合併檔案,變更頁面方向,加上「機密」郵票,建立PDF文具,調整圖像解析度,總結檔案,建立批處理列印作業從Microsoft Office應用程式,並選取幾個檔案命名方法來繞過「另存新檔」對話框中,在PDF995。


Signature995是一個免費工具,可用於下載signature995.com的。 Signature995使用微軟加密技術,讓您的128位DES加密,提供高水平的保護您所有的際網路通信,內含法律檔案和金融交易。 Signature995採用微軟建立和驗證數字簽名的數字證書技術。 Signature995可以用來限制列印,修改,複製文字和圖像的PDF檔案。它是功能強大且易於使用。

The Pdf995Suite is a combination of three of our products (Pdf995, PdfEdit995 and Signature995 ) providing an integrated solution for your document publishing needs. The Pdf995Suite is available as individual downloads so you can choose the level of functionality you desire. Pdf995 makes it easy and affordable to create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. Its easy-to-use interface helps you to create PDF files by simply selecting the "print" command from any application, creating documents which can be viewed on any computer with a PDF viewer.

To create a PDF file:

Print a document from any application choosing the PDF995 printer from the printer dialog. Do NOT select "print to file." You will be prompted to enter the name of the PDF file you wish to create. The PDF will be automatically launched in Acrobat (pdfEdit995 may be used to configure this option).

The free version of PDF995 will display a sponsor page in your web browser each time you create a PDF file. If you would prefer not to see sponsor pages, you may download a license key for $9.95.

Please visit our site to see our FAQ, our software license or to contact us. Our FAQ contains instructions for installing Pdf995 on Citrix/Terminal Server and as a Shared Network Printer.

To edit a PDF file and configure pdf995:

pdfEdit995 is a free tool available for download at pdf995.com/pdfedit.html. With pdfEdit995 you can customize your pdf995 output with an easy-to-use utility: Turn off auto-launch, preview and email documents, insert bookmarks, add links, combine files, change page orientation, add "Confidential" stamps, create PDF stationery, adjust image resolution, summarize documents, create batch print jobs from Microsoft Office applications and choose from several file naming methods to bypass the Save As dialog in Pdf995.

To add a Digital Signature or encrypt a PDF file:

Signature995 is a free tool available for download at signature995.com. Signature995 uses Microsoft Cryptographic technologies to give you 128-bit DES encryption, offering a high level of protection for all your Internet communications, including legal documents and financial transactions. Signature995 employs Microsoft digital certificate technologies to create and validate digital signatures. Signature995 can be used to restrict printing, modifying, copying text and images for PDF documents. It is both powerful and easy to use.

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