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【全面PDF解決專案】Foxit PhantomPDF Business 滿足企業和個人使用者需求

Foxit PhantomPDF(以前稱為Foxit進階PDF編輯器)是一種全面的PDF解決專案,可滿足企業和個人使用者的需求。
使用Foxit PhantomPDF,所有類型的使用者都可以使用功能齊全的PDF軟體,從而可以建立,編輯,註釋,合作和共享,保護,組織,匯出,掃瞄和簽名PDF檔案和表格。

Foxit PhantomPDF 編輯器使使用者可以將多種檔案格式轉換為PDF,反之亦然。
它可以將PDF檔案轉換為Microsoft Word文件,Excel和其他流行的文件格式。該軟體還具有多種語系支援,使其成為其他國家/地區的企業和個人的理想PDF解決專案。
Foxit PhantomPDF 的ConnectedPDF功能可讓您完全控制您的內容。
與Google Drive,Box,Dropbox和OneDrive的整合,使Foxit Advanced PDF Editor使用者可以輕鬆快捷地進行合作,共享和註釋。

【全面PDF解決專案】Foxit PhantomPDF Business 官網下載:

Foxit PhantomPDF formerly known as Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is a comprehensive PDF solution that caters to the needs and requirements of businesses and personal users. It comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and an extensive set of advanced, PDF editing and security tools and applications. Its familiar interface makes adoption and implementation by users fast and seamless.
With Foxit PhantomPDF, users of all types are provided with a full-featured PDF software that allows them to create, edit, comment, collaborate and share, secure, organize, export, scan, and sign PDF files and forms.
You can also FREE download Foxit Reader
Foxit Advanced PDF Editor enables users to convert multiple file formats to PDF and vice versa. It can convert PDF files to Microsoft Word documents, Excel, and other popular document formats. The software also features multiple language support, making it an ideal PDF solution for businesses and individuals based in other countries.
Foxit PhantomPDF grants you total control over your content with its ConnectedPDF functionality. You can convert your regular PDF documents too ConnectedPDF in one step, create and manage multiple versions of that document, and track all activities pertaining to that document. That means you can monitor who opens your PDFs, when they opened it, and where. All actions they performed on the document are all recorded.
Integrations with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive among others allow Foxit Advanced PDF Editor users to collaborate, share, and annotate with ease and speed. They can work on documents, provide feedback, and become more productive within the PhantomPDF environment.



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