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照片編輯器 Stepok Light Developer 7.7

Stepok Light Developer是大眾能負擔得起的輕量級的軟體,提供專業,高效的解決專案,所有攝影師涵蓋從管理到編輯,觸摸到重組成他們的主要作品。


照片編輯器 Stepok Light Developer 7.7

照片編輯器 Stepok Light Developer 7.7

照片編輯器 Stepok Light Developer 7.7 特點:

Light Developer is affordable lightweight software providing professional and efficient solution for all photographers to cover their main works from management to editing, touching up to re-composition. Special technologies are also implied to help solving the tricky problems include high quality noise reduction, complex matting, content-based manipulating and more. With 10 years researching and developing on image processing area, the Light Developer inherits advance features from our last generation products, and brings new, to face the new challenges coming with the fast developing of hardware these years.

• Full editor (Exposure problem, wrong white balance, sharpen & contraste, advanced noise reduction, distortion, HDR & other).
• Smart erase (This function is useful when you want to remove a unwanted object from the photo).
• Matting (Advanced matting methods include chromakey matting and inside/outside matting).
• Digital Beauty (Optimize a portrait from the body shape to the skin).
• 16 bits per channel and lossless editing in linear space.
• Full RAW supports from thumbnail, previewing to developing.
• Edit one photo then apply to others.
• And other features.

Stepok Light Developer 7.7 支援格式::
• *.RAW,*.RW2 from Panasonic
• *.NEF, *.NRW from Nikon
• *.CRW, *.CR2 from Canon
• *.ORF from Olympus
• *.MRW from Minota
• *.RAF from Fujifilm
• *.PEF, *.PTX from Pentax
• *.DCR from Kodark
• *.ERF from Epson
• *.DNG from Adobe
• *.ARW, *.SRF, *.SR2 from Sony
• *.RW1 from Leica
• *.BAY from Casio
• *.SRW from Sumsung

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