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【3D 動畫製作】SideFX Houdini FX 18 以比以往更快地創建大片FX

【3D 動畫製作】SideFX Houdini FX 18 此版本還內含用於配置Destruction和Pyro FX射擊的基於SOP的工具,以及整個軟體的UX增強功能。
Houdini 18內含一個用於Pyro延伸的高度可控制的求解器-整個Pyro FX管道都可在SOP中使用,內含後處理。

現在,借助Houdini 18中的新工具,可以實現更大,更具藝術指導的銷毀鏡頭。
Houdini 18內含針對FLIP流體的自適應壓力預測,該預測將細節集中在表面積上,使您可以建立更快的模擬或建立更大的模擬,而這些模擬消耗的記憶體更少。

SideFX Houdini FX 18 的功能:

下面是安裝SideFX Houdini FX 18 後可以體驗的一些令人驚奇的功能,請記住功能可能有所不同,並且完全取決於您的系統是否支援它們。


Houdini 18對銷毀工作流程進行了令人興奮的改進,例如導向銷毀,改進的切屑,SOP中的銷毀和自訂壓裂。

Houdini 18為互動和過程建模加入了許多新的和改進的工具。

在Houdini 18中,PDG具有更好的楔入,更好的「截止日期」和「拖拉機」整合,新的工具列UI,可全面瞭解網路狀態,並對工具和內定結構進行了許多改進。

Houdini 18內含對視口和使用者介面的改進,例如新的Paint工具,3D相機的2D平移和縮放,逕向選單中的快速鍵以及大大改進的自訂Python狀態。

Houdini 18採用了新的更高效的「稀疏體積」實施模式,即焦油,SOP中的焦油和更快的FLIP流體。

在Houdini 18中,牛皮紙改善了解析度和縮放比例的獨立性,增強了魯棒性,滑動面約束和其他約束條件得到改善。

Houdini 18增加了代理上的blendshapes,從人群中匯出到USD骨架,過程剪輯過渡,更好的FBX支援等等。


【3D 動畫製作】SideFX Houdini FX 18 網址:

Houdini 18 introduces SideFX Solaris a USD-based context for lookdev, layout and lighting that brings procedural tools to this important part of the pipeline. This release also includes SOP-based tools for configuring Destruction and Pyro FX shots, and UX enhancements throughout the software. With the addition of a new sparse solver, you can now create more impressive fire and smoke shots with detail where you need it. Houdini 18 includes a highly controllable solver for Pyro spreading – and the entire Pyro FX pipeline is available in SOPs, including post-processing. You can also download older version of SideFX Houdini FX 17.

Bigger, more art directable destruction shots are now possible with the new tools in Houdini 18. From guided simulations to SOP-level setups, VFX artists can create blockbuster FX faster than ever before. Other improvements include a more realistic chipping algorithm, support for easy fracturing with custom meshes and new soft-constraint plasticity attributes. Houdini 18 includes an adaptive pressure projection for FLIP fluids that focused the detail on the surface area and lets you either create faster sims or create bigger sims that consume less memory. You can also download Autodesk Maya 2019.

Features of SideFX Houdini FX 18

Below are some amazing features you can experience after installation of SideFX Houdini FX 18 please keep in mind features may vary and totally depends if your system support them.


Solaris is Houdini’s support for creating and editing USD. This includes a new network type (LOPs), tools for layout and lighting, an improved scene viewer that displays the scene using Hydra delegates, and a new renderer (Karma) that natively renders USD files.

RBD Destruction

Houdini 18 features exciting improvements to destruction workflows such as guided destruction, improved chipping, destruction in SOPs, and custom fracturing.

Modeling and Geometry

Houdini 18 adds numerous new and improved tools for interactive and procedural modeling.

PDG and TOPs

In Houdini 18 PDG has even better wedging, better Deadline and Tractor integration, a new toolbar UI to get an overall sense of the network state, and numerous improvements to tools and internals.

Viewport and user interface

Houdini 18 includes improvements to the viewport and user interface such as a new Paint tool, 2D pan and zoom of 3D cameras, hotkeys in radial menus, and much improved custom Python states.

Pyro and FLIP fluids

Houdini 18 features a new more efficient “sparse volume” implementation of pyro, pyro in SOPs, and faster FLIP fluids.


In Houdini 18 vellum improves resolution and scale independence, more robustness, sliding surface constraints, and other constraint improvements.

Character and crowds

Houdini 18 adds blendshapes on agents, export from crowds to USD skeletons, procedural clip transitions, better FBX support, and more.


Houdini adds new solver models with improved realism and performance.