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【照片建立_卡通】Image Cartoonizer Premium 2.1.1 個人照片和圖片進行卡通化!

【照片建立_卡通】Image Cartoonizer Premium 2.1.1 個人照片和圖片進行卡通化!
【照片建立_卡通】Image Cartoonizer Premium 2 應用程式不僅可以對快照進行卡通化處理,還可以為卡通圖像加入一些令人讚嘆的效果,例如臉部變形。
現在,Image Cartoonizer Premium中提供了許多濾鏡,因此您可以將照片轉換為許多新的卡通效果,復古效果,Instagram外觀……還可以為圖像加入動態對照度和亮度等等!
使用Image Cartonizer Premium的預設濾鏡對自己進行卡通化非常容易。一旦選取了要卡通化的照片,基本上就會有一個三按鈕系統來完成整個過程,任何人都可以做到!

【照片建立_卡通】Image Cartoonizer Premium 2.1.1 功能概述:
【照片建立_卡通】Image Cartoonizer Premium 2.1.1 官網下載:

The application not only cartoonize your snaps but also add some amazing effects to your cartoon images like face morphing. You can also add “goodies” like headphone, glass, monocle, mustache, beard, horn, rims….even smilly faces! No other software is going to provide these!

Now there are many Filters available in Image Cartoonizer Premium, so you can convert your photo to many new cartoons effects, vintage, Instagram look…you can also add Dynamic Contrast & Brightness to your images and more !
Cartoonizing yourself with Image Cartonizer Premium’s preset filter is very easy. Once you have selected the photo you want to cartoonize, there is basically a three button system to complete the whole process, anyone can do it! For your convenience, we made this product like the way you want.It’s setup is really easy and done in a minute! So, choose one you like the most and have fun with your photos.
Preview your effect on your image at one time, making it easy to compare them and choose the good effect you want to create. A full-screen gallery view of your images and variable thumbnail sizes give you a few large previews or many small ones depending on your screen size and content. And at any time you can validate the good effect by clicking on “Apply” button, to add other effects or frames to your photo.
Overview of Image Cartoonizer Premium 2 Features
More than 250 effects available: Cartoon effects, Color effects, Instagram effects…
Cartoonize your personal photos and pictures directly from your windows desktop!
Convert more quickly and with high quality!
Convert large photos for best result!
Crop function to remove unwanted parts of an image!
Edit your photos and add many Goodies!
Share your converted photo directly on your Facebook!
Print your converted picture from the software!
Cartoonize your photo without any Watermark or Logo!
No other standalone program or software is needed!
No need internet connection!
Support both 32 and 64 bit!


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