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化妝品的指南 Cosmetic Guide 1.5 虛擬化妝包

化妝品的指南 Cosmetic Guide 1.5 虛擬化妝包



化妝品的指南 Cosmetic Guide 1.5 虛擬化妝包
– 護膚品 – 一個年輕的外觀,減少可見的皺紋和眼部浮腫;
– 重點 – 讓您直觀地突顯眼睛或其他功能;
– 智慧修改更新 – 可用於去除皮膚痣等皮膚瑕疵;
– 漂白牙齒 – 美白牙齒,也可以使用對眼睛的白人;
– 液化 – 進行隆鼻術,乳腺癌和肌肉增強,腹部除皺。

Cosmetic Guide will help you to smooth wrinkles, reduce swelling and eye puffiness, accentuate the eyes, delete birthmarks and blemishes, perform rhinoplasty, and bleach teeth. You can do all of this right on the photo!
Cosmetic Guide includes animated demo samples: big mole removal; skin smoothing (anti-wrinkle); bleach teeth; piercing removal; reduce under-eye puffiness; face plastic; body plastic; emphasis on the eyes.

Your virtual cosmetic bag offers these tools:
– Skin Care – give a younger look by reducing visible wrinkles and eye puffiness;
– Emphasis – allows you to visually accentuate the eyes or other features;
– Smart Patch – can be used to remove skin moles and other skin blemishes;
– Bleach Teeth – whiten teeth, can also be used for the whites of the eyes;
– Liquify – perform rhinoplasty, breast and muscle augmentation, and tummy tuck.

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