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檔案加密軟體程式 GiliSoft File Lock Pro 6.4

檔案加密軟體程式 GiliSoft File Lock Pro 6.4


檔案加密軟體程式 GiliSoft File Lock Pro 6.4特點和優點:
– GiliSoft檔案鎖定Pro可以隱藏您的私人資料夾和磁碟機​​,使它們完全不可見的使用者和程式。
– 鎖定的檔案/資料夾/磁碟機訪問保護,使用者可以不開啟,讀取,修改,搬移,刪除,複製,更名受保護的檔案/資料夾中,而無需密碼。一個鎖定的資料夾的檔案和子資料夾中也得到了保護。
– 它可以加密任何類型的檔案和資料夾。
– 它包成一個可執行檔案(。exe檔案),AES加密算法和加密的資料夾。您可以用這種方法加密的重要資料,然後把它通過網路或通過其他模式不吉利的檔案鎖定Pro一台機器上使用。
– GiliSoft檔案鎖定Pro容許你完全覆蓋了好幾次精心挑選的patterns.No1,從您的硬碟機​​中刪除敏感資料,可以恢復被刪除的資料從磁碟中,如果您的安全刪除它。
– GiliSoft檔案鎖定Pro是一個密碼鎖的軟體,也就是說,有沒有其他的模式來運行或解除停止,如果你沒有密碼。
– 全面支援英特爾®奔騰®D雙核處理器和AMD速龍™64X2雙CoreProcessor的;
– ,Windows的2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows7(32位和64)

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a power file encryption software program that can quickly and safely lock and hide files, folder,and drives,and it can use 256-bit AES encryption (Encryption Standard Adopted by the US Government) to protect your files located on HDD drive or any portable media such as USB drives.

Features and Benefits:
– GiliSoft File Lock Pro can hide your private files folders and drives, to make them completely invisible to users and programs.
– The locked files/folders/drives are protected from accessing, users can not open, read, modify, move, delete, copy, rename the protected files/folders without password. Files and sub-folders in a locked folder are also protected.
– It can encrypt files and folders of any type.
– It packs and encrypts a folder into an executable (.exe file) with AES encryption algorithm. You can encrypt important data by this method, and then send it over the network or by other means to be used on a machine without Gili File Lock Pro.
– GiliSoft File Lock Pro allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.No one can recover deleted data from your disk if you secure delete it.
– GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a password-locked software,that is to say,there's no other way to run or unstall it if you have not the password.
– Fully support Intel® Pentium D Dual-Core Processor and AMD Athlon™ 64X2 Dual-CoreProcessor;
– Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32&64)

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