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(系統掃瞄和修復)Paretologic Regcure Pro + Rus


REGCURE Pro是你需要的工具,以提高您的電腦的速度和效能。
擁有直觀的介面和易於使用的工作流程時,REGCURE Pro掃瞄常見的問題 – 快速,安全地修復。

的REGCURE Pro的主要特點:
‧瞭解如何輕鬆下載ParetoLogic REGCURE Pro該»

Pro的REGCURE系統掃瞄尋找 – 再修復:
‧系統錯誤:Windows註冊表是一個複雜的資料庫,追蹤各種設定和您的電腦的硬體,軟體,使用者和喜好的關係。註冊表可以隨著時間的推移變得不穩定和腐敗。清潔它可以解決許多效能問題。的REGCURE Pro清洗的ActiveX,共享DLL,卸載項,檔案路徑引用,外殼延伸,應用程式路徑和其他錯誤。
‧惡意軟體:有各種病毒,間諜軟體,木馬和其他惡意軟體感染你的機器。這些可以嘗試竊取您的信用卡或銀行訊息,或試圖接管你的PC或其他迂迴任務。許多形式的惡意軟體損害您的電腦的效能。 Pro的REGCURE惡意軟體掃瞄發現活躍的惡意軟體,踢你的機器。
‧效能問題:在任何給定時間,各種專案和流程,在您的PC上運行。如果有太多的發生或,如果一些是非常耗費資源,表現不佳可能發生。 REGCURE Pro識別不必要的過程,只是減慢您的電腦。
‧隱私訊息:您的電腦存儲大量的訊息 – 有時不是很好!新增到您的電腦中的訊息通過您經常上網瀏覽和檔案的使用,可用於針對性的釣魚計劃,身份盜竊和類似的罪行。 REGCURE臨擦去機密訊息:密碼,登入憑據,信用卡號碼,銀行資料,等等。
‧垃圾檔案:不需要的物品只是佔用空間在您的PC上。 REGCURE PRO有效地清除了垃圾檔案,臨時項目和雜波。

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Paretologic Regcure Pro + Rus

RegCure Pro is packed with the tools you need to boost your PC's speed and performance. Featuring an intuitive interface and easy-to-use work flow, RegCure Pro scans common problem areas – and quickly and safely fixes them. As well, it has several tools and features to address other performance and computing issues.

Key features of RegCure Pro:
• Learn how to easily download ParetoLogic RegCure Pro »
• Cleans away Windows registry errors
• Ejects active viruses, spyware and other malware
• Stops unneeded processes and startup items
• Deletes privacy files that could contain confidential info
• Find software to open files
• And much more!

RegCure Pro's System Scan seeks out – and then fixes:
• System Errors: The Windows registry is a complicated database that keeps track of all kinds of settings and relationships for your computer's hardware, software, users and preferences. Over time the registry can become unstable and corrupt. Cleaning it can solve many performance issues. RegCure Pro cleans ActiveX, shared DLLs, uninstall entries, file path references, shell extensions, application paths and other errors.
• Malware: There are all kinds of viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware looking to infect your machine. These can try to steal your credit card or banking information or try to take over your PC or another devious task. Many forms of malware hurt your computer's performance. RegCure Pro's malware scanner finds active malware and kicks it off your machine.
• Performance Issues: At any given time, various programs and processes are running on your PC. If too many are happening or if some are very resource intensive, poor performance can occur. RegCure Pro identifies unneeded process that are just slowing your computer down.
• Privacy Items: Your computer stores a vast amount of information – and sometimes that's not good! Information added to your computer through your regular Internet browsing and file use could be used for targeted phishing schemes, identity theft and similar crimes. RegCure Pro wipes away confidential information: passwords, login credentials, credit card numbers, banking data and much more.
• Junk Files: Unneeded items just take up space on your PC. RegCure Pro efficiently cleans away junk files, temporary items and clutter.

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