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(資料建模工具)ModelRight Professional 4.0.0


ModelRight公司提供了新的方法,以資料建模 – 並以實惠的價格。 ModelRight,我們的主打產品,簡化了設計過程中的資料庫專家和軟體開發人員,使他們能夠設計,可視化和記錄這些正在建設或使用該資料庫。





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ModelRight Professional 4.0.0

ModelRight, Inc. provides a fresh approach to data modeling – and at an affordable price. ModelRight, our flagship product, streamlines the design process for database professionals and software developers, empowering them to design, visualize and document the database they are building or using.

ModelRight provides an innovative interface for data modeling that consists of windows, browsers, and toolbars that work together to provide an easy-to-use database design environment. With ModelRight there are no pop-up dialogs. Simply select the object to edit and change its properties. Web-like hyperlinks provide an easy way to navigate to related objects. Design, create, reverse engineer, or compare your database design with your database.

ModelRight is ideal for data modelers, engineers and programmers to use on small to large scale data modeling and data warehousing projects. And ModelRight provides an array of effective features not contained in any other data modeling tool.

Top 10 Differentiators
* Reverse Engineer into Model
* Generate Change Script
* Modeless Database Compare
* Extensive Domain Support
* Transaction Summary/Impact Analysis
* Themes
* Hyperlinked Model Navigation
* Innovative User Interface
* Most Comprehensive Database Support
* Quality Product at an Unbeatable Price

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