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(顯影軟體)SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro


SILKYPIX RAW顯影軟體,生成一個高解析度圖像的數位相機的RAW資料。
SILKYPIX原來開發引擎提供準確的彩色從陰影至highlights.You ,然後從那裡你的彩色偏好。


‧效能改進 – SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro效能更快,多核處理器,重繪,編譯。
躲著工具 – 起重陰影和壓縮亮點從未如此簡單。它只是一個滑塊。
‧批處理佇列 – 加入您的原糖一批新佇列可以讓您進行編輯,並同時​​處理是在後台完成的。
‧色調曲線走勢圖 – 現在你可以看到作為一個活的音色直方圖曲線色調調整的效果。
符合的動態範圍的圖像輸出的色調色調曲線等級修正 – 是一個簡單的調整。
‧自訂工作區 – 匯出和匯入偏好的工作區,以適應特定的任務為導向的工作流程。
‧ RGB直方圖 – 色調直方圖內的各個RGB份量更大的編輯控制。
‧改進的高亮顯示控制器 – 改進後的新算法達到更好地突出恢復。
‧整潔噪聲去除 – 一個新的滑塊功能新增到NR ,以說明消除噪音條紋問題。
‧ Waternarking和覆蓋 – 加入自訂的作為覆蓋到你的web輸出或印刷樣張的圖片和文字 – 有沒有需要您的圖像傳送到第三方應用程式加入版權標識。
‧編輯歷史 – 追蹤你的編輯,並加強他們之間來回。
‧印表機色彩管理 – 以您的最終控制權到與自訂ICC紙型材終端的工作流程,以確保專業的彩色列印輸出相符合。
‧點擊選取 – 更快地整理你的拍攝只是一個單一的點擊任何圖像標示排序。
‧廣泛的攝像頭,支援 – 提供市場上最廣泛的攝像頭,支援(超過200款) ,並增加了新的攝像頭,支援的速度比任何其他的RAW轉換器​​。
‧ EXIF編輯器 – 現在,您可以編輯貿促會, EXIF資料內嵌在你的原糖。
‧現貨去除 – 有沒有需要出口到第三方編輯器,以去除灰塵和侵入對像 – 新的發現工具提供了可調節畫筆大小和羽化能力準確和透明的瑕疵和去除不必要的對象。
‧改進的裁剪功能 – 更多的裁剪功能的加入使大小調整和修剪原糖一件輕而易舉的。
‧多預覽 – 檢視編輯邊側,前,後,同步或在不同的拉近倍率,甚至比較兩個獨立的圖像 – 的變化比較大。
‧改進的介面 – 浮動縮略圖和卷動方向可調 – 可以更好地利用你的螢幕的房地產。

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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro

SILKYPIX is RAW developing software that generates a high-resolution picture from the RAW data of a digital camera. The original SILKYPIX development engine offers accurate color from shadows through to highlights.You can then derive your color preference from there on in. In addition, noise reduction and Lens aberration controllers are provided to deliver high quality images together with many other functions that todays' photographers need. Consider Silkypix as the universal RAW converter that yields clear photographs akin to the sound of a pure audio system.

• Performance Improvements – Pro is even faster, taking advantage of today's multi-core processors, Pro redraws, renders and converts your raws in less time.
• Dodging Tool – Lifting shadows and compressing highlights has never been easier. Just one slider does it all.
• Batch Queuing – Adding your raws to the new batch queue enables you to carry on editing while processing is done in the background.
• Tone Curve on Graph – You can now see effect of your tonal adjustments as a live curve on the tone histogram.
• Tone Curve Level Correction – Matching dynamic range of an image to the tonality of the output is now a simple adjustment away.
• Custom Workspaces – Export and import preferred workspaces to suit particular task orientated workflows.
• RGB Histogram – See individual RGB components within the tone histogram for greater edit control.
• Improved Highlight controller – Achieve better highlight recovery with the new improved algorithm.
• Neat Noise removal – A new slider function added to NR to help remove noise banding issues.
• Waternarking and Overlays – Add custom images and text as overlays to your web outputs or printed proofs – There's no need to send your image to a 3rd party application to add a copyright logo.
• Edit History – Keep track of your edits and step back and forth between them.
• Printer Colour Management – Take control of your end to end workflow with custom ICC paper profiles to ensure professional colour matched printed output.
• One Click Selection – Organise your shoot faster with just a single click to sort by any image mark.
• Extensive camera support – offers the widest camera support on the market (over 200 models) and adds new camera support faster than any other RAW converter.
• EXIF editor – You can now edit ITPC and EXIF data embedded within your raws.
• Spot Removal – There's no need to export to a 3rd party editor to remove dust bunnies and intrusive objects – The new spotting tool provides adjustable brush sizes and feathering •capabilities for accurate and transparent removal of blemishes and unwanted objects.
• Improved Cropping function – More cropping features added to make resizing and trimming raws a breeze.
• Multi previews – See your edits side by side, before and after, synchronised or at different magnifications and even compare two independent images – Great for variation comparison.
• Improved interface – Floating thumbnails and adjustable scrolling orientation – Makes better use of your screen's real estate.

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