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【建築師.設計師.3D設計】Artlantis 9.5 – 用於建立逼真的編譯和動畫的便捷解決專案


Artlantis可以與領先的CAD建築建模軟體(例如3ds Max,ArchiCAD,Revit,Vectorworks,SketchUp,AutoCAD等)直接無縫連結,並可以匯入所有主要的CAD檔案格式:
3DS,DWF,DXF,DWG, FBX,OBJ和SKP。此外,它還是SketchUp的絕佳自然編譯伴侶。


【建築師.設計師.3D設計】Artlantis 9.5 官網下載:

Artlantis is a professional and heavyweight 3D rendering engine specially designed for indoor/outdoor architects and designers, developed by Abvent from France. Its extraordinary rendering speed and quality, unbelievably friendly and simple user interface are refreshing, and the resulting rendering of all drawings and animated images is impressive.

Artlantis can directly link seamlessly with the leading CAD building modeling software (such as 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, Revit, Vectorworks, SketchUp, AutoCAD, etc.), and can import all the major CAD file formats: 3DS, DWF, DXF, DWG, FBX, OBJ and SKP. Besides, it’s also a great natural rendering companion for SketchUp.

Artlantis has its own rendering engine, no additional software is needed; and is simple and easy to use, experts, advanced users and beginners can use Artlantis to simulate, demonstrate, and communicate for creating realistic renderings and animations. It supports the view of CAD drawings, can add 2D drawings to the software for editing. Then, the rendering function provided by this software can convert the drawings into 3D rendering models, so that customers can more easily view the decoration design effects.

Artlantis has conquered nearly 100,000 architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban planners and space planners in hundreds of countries. It is hailed as a revolution in the fields of architectural drawing scene, architectural rendering and multimedia production. In general, Artlantis is mainly used for three-dimensional rendering of architectural drawing scenes, and for architectural designers, it can greatly improve the rendering efficiency.



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