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【引導磁碟啟動】Active Boot Disk 18 執行資料恢復、資料映像、安全資料擦除和其他幾項任務

Active Boot Disk 包括一組功能強大的實用程式,用於執行資料恢復、資料映像、安全資料擦除和其他幾項任務,所有這些都來自可啟動的 CD/DVD 或 USB 快閃記憶體介質。
獨立的啟動環境繞過操作系統,容許您啟動以前無法啟動的 PC。

您可以在 CD、DVD 或 USB 快閃記憶體磁碟機上安裝活動的啟動磁碟,您可以使用它來啟動電腦。
它提供了一個完全獨立的啟動環境,完全繞過操作系統,容許您在任何電腦上啟動,無論您的 Windows 操作系統狀況如何。

您可以將 Active@ Boot Disk(恢復啟動磁碟)安裝到任何可啟動媒體,並相應地變更您的 BIOS 啟動優先級設定。
電腦從可引導磁碟啟動後,您可以安全地將其刪除。具有 DOS 和 Windows 支援的雙啟動功能也可以通過光學媒體實現。


能夠啟動不可啟動的 PC 以獲得對本地磁碟和系統的獨佔訪問權限
引導 UEFI x64 安全引導系統和傳統 BIOS 機器
Boot Disk Shell 具有友好的類似 Windows 的使用者介面,帶有任務欄和開始按鈕
Boot Disk Creator 容許指定啟動設定、加載驅動程式、腳本和使用者檔案
分區工具容許在 HDD/SSD/USB 磁碟上建立/刪除/格式化卷
BCD 檢視器和編輯器容許配置可引導分區和磁碟
內含資料 CD/DVD/藍光燒錄實用程式和燒錄引擎
記事本、計算器、任務管理器、註冊表編輯器、DiskPart、SysInfo 和其他 PC 工具
Web 瀏覽器、遠端桌面、Telnet 和 FTP 用戶端以及其他連線工具


【引導磁碟啟動】Active Boot Disk 18 官方網址:

Active Boot Disk contains a collection of powerful utilities to perform data recovery, data imaging, secure data erasure, and several other tasks, all from a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash media. The self-contained boot environment bypasses the operating system allowing you to boot previously unbootable PCs.


You can install an active Boot Disk on a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, which you can use to boot up your computer. It provides a completely self-contained boot environment that bypasses the operating system entirely, allowing you to boot up on any computer, regardless of the condition of your Windows operating system.

You can install Active@ Boot Disk (recovery boot disk) to any bootable media and change your BIOS boot priority settings accordingly. Once the computer has started up from the bootable disk, you can safely remove it. Dual-boot functionality with DOS and Windows support is also possible with optical media.

Overview of Active Boot Disk Features

Ability to start non-bootable PC to get exclusive access to the local disks & system
Boots both UEFI x64 secure boot systems & legacy BIOS machines
Boot Disk Shell has a friendly Windows-like user interface with Taskbar & Start button
Boot Disk Creator allows to specify boot settings, load drivers, scripts & user files
Data backup tools allow to backup volumes & disks and restore user's data back
Partition tools allow creating/deleting/formatting volumes on HDD/SSD/USB disks
BCD Viewer & Editor allow to configure bootable partitions and disks
Low-level Disk Editor allows to inspect and edit raw disk sectors & raw file's data
Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning utility & burning engine included
Notepad, Calculator, Task Manager, Registry Editor, DiskPart, SysInfo & other PC tools
Web browser, Remote Desktop, Telnet & FTP clients and other connectivity tools
Two different file managers allow to browse directories, search, copy & move file



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