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【搜索音樂網站】Audials One 2022.0.84.0 下載音樂和音樂視頻

Audials One 2022 它是海量、快速、合法且免費的音樂供應中的佼佼者!
只有這個程序會搜索最好的音樂網站,並使用 Audials 廣播網絡同時監視全球數千個廣播電台。


收音機、來自 Spotify 的音樂流、來自亞馬遜和 Netflix 的視頻流中的連續劇和大片以及視頻剪輯由 Audials One Platinum 錄製,以最高質量保存為單個文件。
這意味著您可以從互聯網上獲取任何未受保護和受保護的媒體,並隨時隨地在您的 PC、智能手機或平板電腦上享受它!

Audials One Platinum 2022 的特點:

精確編輯的收音機錄音機提供海量 MP3 音樂
Audials 是您在線電影的高質量記錄器
Audials 記錄您在網上聽到的一切!
Netflix、亞馬遜、Hulu、YouTube、Ustream、CNN、BBC 和大量其他互聯網流媒體都可以錄製。


【搜索音樂網站】Audials One 2022.0.84.0 下載音樂和音樂視頻 官網:

It is best in the massive, fast, legal, and free supply of music! Only this program searches the best music sites and simultaneously monitors thousands of radio stations worldwide using the Audials Radio Network. This ensures you are provided with the music you want lightning-fast! You get the charts, singles, albums, or the complete discographies of your favorite stars.

Radios, music streaming from Spotify, series & blockbuster movies from video streaming from Amazon & Netflix, and video clips are recorded by Audials One Platinum saved in top quality as individual files. This means you can snatch up any unprotected and protected media from the Internet and enjoy it on your PC, smartphone, or tablet – anywhere and anytime!
Features of Audials One Platinum 2022

Automatic access to the charts and an entire universe of music completely free of charge
Download Music and Music Videos
Top Songs Feature for the Music Search
The precise-editing radio recorder provides masses of MP3 music
Useful Extra Functions for Maximum Personalization and Individuality
Thousands of Podcasts for Comprehensive Entertainment
Lots of Music TV Stations with Video Streaming
Audials is Your High Quality Recorder for Online Films
Simply record every video
Unique: Record dozens of movies or entire series at once!
Audials Records Everything You Hear Online!
It Is Your Universal Converter for All Formats
Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, Ustream, CNN, BBC and a great deal of other Internet streams can be recorded.



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