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【漫畫製作軟體】Summitsoft ComicCreator v1.0.6.0

【漫畫製作軟體】Summitsoft ComicCreator v1.0.6.0


【漫畫製作】Summitsoft ComicCreator 使用方便:

【漫畫製作】Summitsoft ComicCreator 靈活的工具:


【漫畫製作】Summitsoft ComicCreator線上列印或發佈

以下是【漫畫製作】Summitsoft ComicCreator 的一些主要功能:
– 簡單的拖放介面
– 強大的繪圖和插圖工具
– 500多個背景和人物
– 1000多種音樂樣品和音效
– 可定制的頁面模板和麵板佈局
– 匯入您自己的圖像和圖片
– 圖像編輯和FX
– 漫畫文字樣式
– 文字字幕和文字氣球
– 特效顯示動作
– 動畫你的漫畫
– 保持設計的全面支援
– 列印或發佈到網際網路

Comic Creator is perfect for any comic or design lover! Styles perfect for sci-fi, cartoons, kids, manga, and more are included. Instantly add pages, page layouts, backgrounds, characters, props & dialog to tell your story in a visually dynamic setting. Print & publish your comics, or animate your comic pages to show off online.
Easy to use
Comic Creator’s simple user interface allows you to create your comics and make all of your adjustments with just a few easy clicks. We provide you with a drag & drop interface as well as 500+ backgrounds and characters to tell your story.
Flexible Tools
Everything is included in Comic Creator to allow you to enhance your comics: powerful text effects including comic text art, captions and word balloons, drawing and illustration tools including color and shape tools, special effects and much more!
Print or publish online
It’s easy to print your comic pages, publish online or get creative and make shirts, puzzles, calendars, mugs or anything you can think of!

Here are some key features of "Comic Creator":
– Easy drag & drop interface
– Powerful drawing & illustration tools
– 500+ backgrounds & Characters
– 1000+ music samples & sound effects
– Customizable page templates & panel layouts
– Import your own images & pictures
– Image editing & FX
– Comic text styles
– Text captions & word balloons
– Special effects to show action
– Animate your comics
– Keep designs organized with full layer support
– Print or publish to the Internet
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