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【自動編輯照片】Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 功能齊全的程序會在您第一次學習如何編輯照片時為您提供指導,並隨著您技能的發展與您一起成長。
如果您正在尋找一個保持其可用性並提供大量支持的程序,Adobe Photoshop Elements 值得考慮。

Adobe Photoshop Elements 現在可用。


假設您確實需要舊版本的 Photoshop Element。在這種情況下,您可以從下面可用的先前版本部分(Elements 14 和 Elements 15)獲取它們,其中更詳細地介紹了基於消費者的照片編輯軟件的整體工作原理。


Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 功能概述
Adobe Sensei AI 技術可自動編輯照片,讓您專注於創作樂趣。
在 55 Guided Edits 的幫助下刷上有趣的圖案、刪除不需要的對像等等。
查看您的最佳照片 – 根據質量、面孔和主題自動精選。
在 YouTube 和 Vimeo 上共享幻燈片和視頻剪輯。


【自動編輯照片】Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 官網:

This full-featured program guides you as you first learn how to edit photos and grows with you as your skills develop. If you are looking for a program that maintains its usability and offers plenty of support, Adobe Photoshop Elements is worth consideration.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is now available. With it comes speed improvements, new guided edits, and even more automation, so even those new to photo editing can quickly get started.


Suppose you do want the older versions of Photoshop Element. In that case, you can get them from the previous version section available below (Elements 14 & Elements 15), which go into the overall workings of the consumer-based photo editing software in much more detail.
Overview of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 Features

Adobe Sensei AI technology automates photo editing so you can focus on the fun of creating.
Brush on fun patterns, remove unwanted objects, and more with help from 55 Guided Edits.
Revitalize your photos with automatic colorization.
Make fun memes for social media plus calendars, scrapbook pages, and cards to print at home.
Go from hundreds of mystery folders to a visual view — automatically.
See your best photos — auto-curated based on quality, faces, and subjects.
Find your favorites fast with Smart Tags and facial recognition.
Create photos and memes you can’t wait to share on social.
Share slideshows and video clips on YouTube and Vimeo.
Get step-by-step help making distractions disappear from your photos. The background fills in automatically.
Easily select the subject of a photo and move it to a whole new scene.
Automatically smooth skin to reduce wrinkles and blemishes.



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