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【視訊轉換器】 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 視訊轉換器

Wondershare Video Converter 是一個功能非常強大的視訊轉換器,支援內含CUDA在內的三種GPU加速轉碼技術,可以將內含MP4、MOV 、3GP、AVI、WMV、RM、MPEG-1、MPEG-2、FLV、ASF、M4A、WMA、WAV、MP3、AAC和AC3在內的多媒體格式轉換為便攜式視訊/音訊播放器(Zune、iPod、Apple TV、iPhone、PSP)支援的格式。

【視訊轉換器】 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 繁體中文化版

【視訊轉換器】 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 繁體中文化版

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate是一個能夠完整將資料媒體
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 介面簡潔,使用方便,並且完美支援NVIDIAR(英偉達™)CUDA,能夠以最優的效能,保證最佳效果地轉化2D或是3D視訊媒體。
【視訊轉換器】 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate  視訊轉換器 官網:
Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate is, as its name suggests, the ultimate video utility for Windows users. But more than just a file converter, the program is a DVD ripper, DVD burner, Web video downloader, 2D-to-3D converter, audio ripper, and even a bare-bones video editor.
It’s interface is simple and straightforward, as it has all the major functions laid out as icons along the top of the window. All of the controls are intuitive, and it even lets you drag-and-drop video files.
For the most part, Video Converter Ultimate performs exceptionally well. Exactly as advertised, it lets you quickly and easily convert files between just about any combination of formats. It also makes it super simple to output to a mobile device. To do so, you simply have to select your device from its extensive menu, and watch as it converts your video to the optimum file format. The program will even copy the file directly onto your device in a single click. As as we mentioned, Video Converter Ultimate even has the tools to trim video, crop, add watermarks, change brightness, contrast, and more.
The only issue we ran into was with the download online video function. It worked well with YouTube, but we found it to be incompatible with some of the other sites we visited. We were able to work around some of the incompatibilities by using the Record video onscreen function, but we’re still hoping the issue gets ironed out.
One thing we’d love to see incorporated is the ability to record onscreen actions for tutorial-style videos. While this obviously isn’t a necessity, we think it would fit well with the program’s current feature set.
WonderShare’s Video Converter Ultimate is an extremely powerful app that’s sure to meet just about every one of your video conversion needs. What’s more, it can easily rip and burn DVDs, convert to 3D, download from the Web, perform basic edits, and export to just about any mobile device. Overall, we think this download is definitely a winner.
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